7 Common Running Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Running Mistakes
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Today, In this Running Article, I will show you the 7 Biggest Running Mistakes Made by Beginners or Pro.

In fact, When I am started running after many days in 2018, I also do this Mistake

That’s why, I will show my Mistake that you can avoid them.

Let’s Get Started…

1. Running on Street Instead of Field

running on street
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When you are new to start running, You observe others how they Run. Not only You but also do this when I was a Newbie. 

Basically, Others and Experience runner run in Street at their Speed. And you started running in the Street. 

That’s the Biggest Running Mistake for a Beginners. 

When you start running after many days as a beginner, You should run in Plain Grass Feild or Park Ground. Avoid running in Concrete Street.

In my experience, 

You start running after many days and Your Legs are not comfortable running continuously daily. When you spark and Jump in a Heavy thing, which means street, after some distance, you feel Pain in the Lower part of Leg.

leg injury
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When I was doing this mistake, My Pain in the Lower Part of Leg is increasing for 2 to 3 days after starting Running On the Street. 

Then I move to the Ground to run for some days to Prepare My Leg for Running and Exercise. Grass Grounds are not the hardest Place than Street. 

When I was running on the field, I felt more comfortable running as compared to Street.

After some days of Running on the field, When My body was fully comfortable in Running. I was running on the Street for Long Run without Getting any type of Pain and Knee Injuries.

2. Too Much Run

Many Runners especially those who are new to running get over-excited to run. And they run too much Mileage too soon. 

Mistakenly, They think that more run is better than the short run. End of the run, they go some common Running Injuries like Knee Pain, Shin Splint, or IT band syndrome.

Basically, they end up going out too hard too fast and if they get injured, they lose interest. 

As you starting out, you really need to little be more conservative.

So if you have not been running for while or New to it, Then start running with some walking. Next mix that in with some walking and some running in the same session. 

In other words, It is a good idea for walking some minutes before running. It will prepare your body to run in the few next Minutes.

By the way, you need to not scared, When I was a newbie, I do this same mistake.

3. Getting the Wrong Shoe

Running is free for all either you are Old Age or Child. Only you need to go out and Do it as you can when you like it.

But, you are thing about becoming a regular runner, you really need to be a getting decent Running Shoe. One that actually fits your foot. There is no one or Particular shoe that is good for everyone.

It is all done of your size and the role of your feet.

That is why you need to do something Gait Analysis.

There are loads of shops that you can head to that will do that for you. They’re looking for here is the size and measure of the pronation.

It is the natural role of the foot as the outside part of the heel strikes the ground. Once you know your level of pronation, you’ll be able to find shoes that can actually counteract.

This is a video of Gait Analysed by The Running Chanel.

This will improve your level of running efficiency. Basically, depending on where you go to get your to gait analyzed they may actually even film you.

So you can actually see how it moves which is absolutely fascinating and then you can actually work out the specific shoes that will work for your foot.

Also, When you are going to buy Shoes in Offline Shop or Online Shop, you will find many sizes of shoes from many Brands. You need some time to see which shoes are fit your foot Perfectly.

Now, This is your choice which is right for you.

Running Shoe for Men in Amazon

Running Shoe for Women in Amazon

4. Not Warming Up and Cool Down Before Run

Many runners are sharp to get out there and pound the pavement but

without adequate warming up or warming down, You’re gonna give your body a bit of a shock. Mostly, Beginner is do this mistake for the first time.

When I start my run after many days in 2018. I do not do it. As the result, I can not run long distances and feel uncomfortable. 

The Next Day, one of the Partners told me to do this and after doing this, My Running becomes better than the first day.

Basically, it’s probably something you haven’t done for a long time.

I will assure you, I will write an Article on Warming Up and Colling Down within some days.

By the way, One of the easiest ways to do is to go for a really a light jog for the first 10 minutes and build yourself up gently this will help your muscles stop burning out and forbear the risk of injury.

You have to do exactly the same to cool down to a bit of very light jogging to bring. Your heart rates down and reduces that risk of stiffness in the days after completing Long Run.

5. Trying To Run Every Race

One of the biggest you’ll make is running too fast to start off with. Basically, this will happen for over-excited Runners. This is whether you’re just going out for a training run or actually during a race.

Most runners have got at least one story where they felt great at the beginning.

They went out so hard but crashed burned in the end.

Now, What the solution to this?


To deliberately run your first mile slower than you will run your last. In fact, I already share with you my 2 Miles under 30 Day Running, there I showed you when you fully prepared for 2 miles Run.

 I give you a step-by-step running Speed During Run.

It’s tempting not to do it because you feel great at the beginning. But slower at first faster later try going out for a distance rather than a time slow. 

It down brings down your pace doesn’t feel.

6. Wrong Cloth

Some runners wear the wrong type of Clothing. Similarly, some wear too little or too much clothing which can lead to cool related or heat-related illness. The best type of stuff, you should be putting is Sports Jersy which keeps the wetness away from your skin. 


If you are a real Runner, you know, It is very complicated to run with sweat.

It is really important that we stay away from Cotton  Cloths. Because Cotton Clothes are not easily dry and bad thing is, It sticks with your Skin.

Make sure that, you do not overdress when it is cold weather. You should dress for about 10 Degrees warmer than it actually is outside as that’s how much your body will warm-up.

In my case in the summertime, When I run, I put on light Colored Dress because Sunlight easily absorve in light color instead of Dark Color.

Sports T-Shirt for Men

Sports T-Shirt for Women

7. Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

Do not compare yourself to others, What others are doing? What their Timing?

Maybe it was a friend that actually got you into it.

It is understandable that you’ll be comparing yourself to the time’s speed and distances that they’re doing.  

You’re probably really excited about getting into running and reading magazine blogs and watching videos. 

And, Next you comparing yourself to others who have also got into the running game.


I say, Do not do, It is because the comparison is the thief of joy.

On the other hand, I will Compare yourself, 

How is it your running? What is the reason, You could not Improve your Running? 

It means to compare your own times your own niggles you put your own body to see,

How that’s doing and work on that

day by day 

week by week 

month on month?

But, Don’t let others’ success be a benchmark for your own now have.

Final Word on BIGGEST Running Mistakes

These are the Biggest Running Mistake. Most Runners do this without knowing or not knowing. 

I have experienced those common running mistakes in my early time, that is why I share this for you to avoid this and more Improve your Running.

That’s it for today.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Which Mistake, you already do?

And, Did you understand it

Let me know in comment Section RIGHT NOW.

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