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In this post, I am gonna show you the complete information of an Indian Direct Selling Company, Safe Shop. The Full name of Safe Shop Company is Safe & Secure Online Marketing Private Limited.

safe shop business plan

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What is Safe Shop?

Safe Shop is an Indian Multi-level Marketing company. The company registered with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) in January 2001. It is the Legal Direct Selling Company of India.

In the early day, Safe Shop was the worst in the market. The Actual name of the company is Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited, but people know it’s a Safe Shop. So, when they search for this short name, they cannot find it and think it was a fraud. After some days, it’s fully proven.

Now, Safe Shop (Safe and Secure Online Marketing PVT LTD) is listed in the list of Top 10 Network Marketing Companies of India.

Safe Shop Business Company Profile

Company NameSafe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Year Started2001
DirectorHarish Sondhi
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India
Product CategoriesHealth, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Safe Shop Business Plan

“#Plan with More Happiness” is the new plan of the company.

Anyone can join Safe Shop MLM Business Plan for free.

 Let’s understand the Business Plan.

1. Product Selling

For Direct Seller, Safe Shop offers its products at a low price than MRP. It is called SSP (Safe Shop Price).

Each and every product has a fixed SSP for Direct Seller. Direct Seller can buy the products and sell them at a high price up to Fixed MRP. In this way, they can get Retail Profit.

Example: If an MRP of the products is Rs.1000, DS (Direct Seller) will get these products in Rs. 850 SSP from the company. So, the DS can earn Rs.150 retail profits by selling that product at the MRP price.

Safe Shop promises to give up to 35% of retail profit, this profit varies according to the product.

2. Recruitment

The most important work in MLM is recruitment to get Passive Income. If you are not recruiting people, your income will be limited.

You need to add people to your downline and also make them recruit to other people.

Keep in mind, you do not have to add money to people. When you add people and make a downline, you will get money. So, the more people you can buy on your downline, the more profit you will make.

According to the number of people on the Downline and Sales, Income starts differently.

Each part had a specific BV, which was used to extract income from the downline. A BV point equals 2.5 rupees.

Safe Shop Business Plan PDF Download

Here is the section of PDF Download. Just click on the “ Download PDF” button to Download the Latest Safe Shop Business Plan 2024 PDF. The PDF file will automatically open in your Google Drive account, where you can save files or download them to your phone.

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Safe Shop Mission 

1. Health Mission

Safe Shop company provides Ayurvedic Medicine, basically, it has an Ayurvedic Medicine company named Hauma Ayurvedic. it is completing Health NK. It can be used in diseases like rate. You will get Ayurvedic medicine through the Safe Shop company.

2. Education Mission

To fulfill the mission of education, this company typed up your company called Smart Star which gives the opportunity of the global education system. The Safe Shop company is selling education-related products.

3. Technology Mission

Safe Shop (Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited) has tied up this brand company with you to meet the tech products, its name is Homex.

4. Fashion Mission

The company has tied up with the biggest reputed companies in the country and also in foreign to meet the fashion of Safe Shop company. Name some of the fashion product of companies are Reliance, Bimal, Larani Lavaran, Grasim, Prani, and many more which are selling products through international-level brand companies.

5. Protection Mission

Safe Shop company claims to secure their Direct Seller Entire Family by completing their Protection Mission. Security is part of the public relations plan. If there is an accident of any Direct Seller, then the company gives full Insurance support to their Family. 

Safe Shop Products

Partners are useful for any MLM company. If it is not good to give, then the company does not matter.

Safe Shop Products Price List is too long than other companies products. But, before buying a single product from the company, you need to first buy the Joining package worth Rs.12000.

By the way, the price of products is too high, but now Safe Shop is continuing the price list of new products, which starting prices are not more than 200 rupees.

Safe Shop products are marketed by price and they have no opinion. It was in most MLM companies.

But Safe Shop also compares to other Indian MLM companies like Smart Value and Vestige. For example, the price of a short at Safe Shop (SSP) is Rs 2,200, with an MRP of Rs 2,999. Knowing that they have to pay a lot of money.

Should I join Safe Shop Network Marketing?

Joining Safe Shop or Not joining MLM or Network Marketing company, The whole decision is to depend on you. I am just guiding you.

According to John M Taylor, the success rate of Network marketing is only 0.04%. In the real world, the number is sometimes high or sometimes low, there are many factors depending on that.

A lot of people are working in it and they have been successful, but whether you will be successful or not. It is up to you. If you are satisfied with the product, which you are getting at a much higher price than the market price, then you can join it!

My recommendation is, before joining the Safe Shop, to seek advice from some who has worked in the company, because only that person will give a solid reason to join the company or not join. Then, You have to be your own Decision Maker.

FAQ on Safe Shop Company

  1. What is the full form of SAFE SHOP?

    The Full name of SAFE SHOP is Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited.

  2. Is Safe Shop Fraud?

    No. Safe Shop is not a Fraud. It is a full Legal Direct Selling Company of India.

  3. Is Safe Shop the number 1 MLM company?

    No. Safe Shop is not a No.1 MLM / Network Marketing company. You can check out the Top 10 Network Marketing Company in India.

  4. Is a Safe Shop connected to SEBI?

    No. Safe Shop is Product based MLM Company. There is no stock of the company like Reliance, or Tata. That’s why it is not registered in SEBI.

  5. Is it necessary to buy products in Safe Shop?

    Yes, It is necessary to buy a Product from the company. Because, if you do not buy the product, you can register as a Direct Seller. Basically, which we called Joining fees, are actually used to buy Products.

  6. What do you need to join Safe Shop?

    To Join the Safe Shop, your age must be a minimum of 18 Years old, you have your own PAN Card and Aadhaar card. In addition, you should have your own Bank Account.
    By the way, If your age is under 18, you can also join the company by using the information of members of your Family.


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