Safir International Review 2024 | Zeniq Coin Fake or Real?

safir international and Zeniq coin

In this article, I’m gonna discuss a Network Company based on Cryptocurrency. Basically, It is Network Marketing Scheme which is known as Safir International and Zeniq Coin. This company and scheme are growing worldwide including India.

Here, you will know about,

  • About Safir International and Zeniq Coin
  • Details Analysis of Income Plan of Safir International
  • Is it Ponzi Scheme

Let’s get started.

What is Safir International and Zeniq Coin?

Safir International and Zeniq is an investment-based network marketing company. Safir and Zeniq are both sister companies and their founder is Erwin Dokter from Austria. Safir International and  Zeniq Technologies Enterprise are both registered in Dubai.

When I researched the company, I found, Safir International is UAE based IT company, according to their official site,

On the other hand,  Zeniq is a cryptocurrency company whose Token name is Zeniq Coin. It also launched in April 2021. Zeniq has some products, such as Zeniq Hub, Zeniq Wallet, and Zeniq App.

Safir Zeniq Company Profile

Company NameSafir Internationa and ZENIQ Technologies Ltd
Started Date2019
DirectorMag. Erwin Dokter, Dr. Michael Ofner
ProductsZeniq Coin Crypto
Head OfficeFortune Tower 2703, Cluster-C JLT
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Joining in Safir and Zeniq Hub

Anyone can join Zeniq, Zeniq is an online program.

To join Zeniq, first of all, you must register on its official website by filling in basic personal details. When registration has completed the registration, you have to buy Zeniq Hub to become an associate of the company’s plan.

Joining Safir international

1 HUB costs about 1499 Euro which is equivalent to 130000 INR. By the way, the company offers also to buy Zeniq Hub in Rs. 8500 which is 1/32 of a Hub.

After buying Hub, you have to add more people to your downline and when they also buy Hub, you will get a commission from them.

Zeniq Income Plan

There are 4 types of income provided by Safir Zeniq.

  1. Minting Income
  2. Unilevel Income
  3. Career Level Income
  4. Performance Bonus

1. Minting Income

After buying Zeniq Hub, your first chance in income from Miniting Income.

Under Miniting income, which Zeniq Coins from the Zeniq Hub that you have purchased are given daily on behalf of the company. The form that, you can make a profit by selling on Uniswap or PancakeSwap Crypto Exchange.

If you have purchased a Hub from the company, you will receive 50 Zeniq Coins per day. The price of a Zeniq Coin is around $0.30, the exact amount is dependable.

2. Unilevel Income

Unilevel Income is available up to 15 levels of your downline. At each level, this income is received at different percentages.

Here is the income chart below where you determine what percentage of income you get through which level downline.

Unilevel Income in Zeniq Coin

3. Career Level Income

Under Career Level Income, the company gives additional income on increasing the rank in your company.

Here is the below chart of How much income is given by the company on which rank and how much downline and sales is required for that.

RankMinimum Direct DownlineMinimum LevelsMinimum SalesLevel Income
Ruby74€ 10,000€ 300
Double Ruby125€ 20,000€ 600
Sapphire126€ 100,000€ 3,000
Double Sapphire127€ 300,000€ 9,000
Black Sapphire128€ 500,000€ 15,.000
Double Diamond1410€ 2,000,000€ 80,000
Triple Diamond1511€ 3,000,000€ 150,000
White Diamond1612€ 5,000,000€ 300,000
Double White Diamond1713€ 10,000,000€ 500,000
Gold Diamond1814€ 20,000,000€ 1 Million

4. Performance Bonus

The company distributes 10%of its total revenue among all rank holder associates under Performance Bonus income. According to income rank, sometimes it is more or less. Like those who get double ruby rank get double this income from ruby rank.

But for this income, it is very important to maintain your level by making minimum sales.

Safir Zeniq Review

Overall Safir Zeniq seems like a great Cryptocurrency investment opportunity, in which, Associate can make a huge profit by investing and recruiting new people. Although, it is an easy way to make money,, it is very  important to know some other important facts about the company

History of Erwin Dokter

As we have to know Erwin Docter is the founder of this company. So, it is also important to know, Safir International is not Erwin Dokter’s first company.

Basically, Erwin was contracted to make a digital hardware wallet for a Swiss company called Juwelis Group at the end of 2019. But, sorry to say, Ewin Dokter and his some colleagues, Dr. Michael Ofner, Peter Skerl Gernot Winter, and Jan Bollmeyer fails to fulfill the contract.

And then Erwin again register a new company, named Juwelis GmbH in Austria without informing Juwelis GmbH group. And, he launches a Crypto Token called Juwelis Coin, which fails.

The Juwelis Group has initiated legal action against Erwin and his partner for breach of contract and misuse of the Juwelis trademark.

The website of also reports that Erwin has launched Safir International and Zeniq in Dubai to promote the digital hardware wallet being created for Juwelis. Erwin Dokter starts Zeniq in just 2 months leaving Juwelis. It seems that Erwin must have been planning this already.

What is Zeniq Ponzi Scheme?

Let’s take a look at founder Erwin Docter’s fraud with Juwelis and now he is a founder of Zeniq Coin.

Zeniq operates its own crypto MLM plan under Safir International. To join Zeniq and get Zeniq coin, one has to invest thousands and millions of rupees in Zeniq Hub and get a fixed profit in return. It seems like a Scam.

What does Zeniq do?

The company gets money from people to add money to Zeniq Hub. Then company pays its commission in the form of Zeniq Coin.

Zeniq Coin is made on Ethereum (ERC-20). Zeniq Coin is not a cryptocurrency but a token, which takes a few hours to create. So don’t think Zeniq Coin is a big deal, but some people consider such crypto tokens as free money trees.

Zeniq Coin can be bought and sold on PancakeSwap and Uniswap exchanges, but the commission is very low.

Is Zeniq a money circulation scheme?

Through its MLM plan, Zeniq sells its Hub to the people and approaches the joined member to add more people, then the company pays the member a commission on additional sales. 

Zeniq has very little money in Zeniq Coin, while most of the money Zeniq keeps in the name of Minting and circulates the same money to their Associate.

Since it is using an MLM plan and does not get any affordable and quality product in return for the joining fees. The same commission is given on adding new people to it. Overall Zeniq is a money circulation scheme.

Zeniq Coin is an ERC-20 based token, which has no Whitepaper. It is not an attractive, futuristic, and workable token. There is no other reasonable reason to invest in it.

Should I Join Safir Zeniq or not?

It is fully dependent on. How much money you can invest and how much risk you have taken.

As we already know, the founders of Safir and Zeniq, Erwin Dokter are already facing fraud cases, and their crypto MLM plan proves to be a Ponzi scheme and Money Circulation Scheme.

Although Zeniq Coin has no real price and like most crypto-MLMs, Safir Zeniq will be discontinued in the near future. In which, there is a big chance that the money of thousands of people will sink in crores.

Is Safir Zeniq Legal?

Many people think that this Safir Zeniq is legitimate because it is registered in Dubai. So I tell you, registering a company in Dubai is not a big deal. First Registering a company, then say it is a legal company in the country, it has a valid legal document. Basically, it is an old way of gaining confidence in these scams.


So, I hope you have gotten the full information about Safir Zeniq, a cryptocurrency-based Network Marketing Company, and its Zeniq Coin. I am recommending before investing your money in the company, think and check 10 times about the company.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

From Where did you first listen to this company name?

Anyone approaches you to join Safir International and Buy Zeniq coin?

Let me in the comment Right Now.

3 thoughts on “Safir International Review 2024 | Zeniq Coin Fake or Real?”

  1. Quintin Collen Frost

    What is said here is not true, The Hubs don’t give you 50 Zeniq per day it is rather something like 0,012 per day, and the price for a coin is never been at 0.30 per coin as is more around 0.05 cents
    Don’t be fooled by all their empty promises, the hubs are never delivered now they say they will refund you. My feeling is if I can get my 50 promised coins per day and I can get them soled for 0.30 then I will sell and get out.

  2. Thanks for your realistic revue of Zeniq/Safir and Zeniqcoin
    We know that the company have struggled with delivery problems of the HUB, and they say that is because of lack of parts in pandemic and war started last year
    Now most of HUBs sold are delivered, there is companies putting their business out on Zeniq Blockchain, Tokenizing their business. That means that Zeniq have a “real Blockchain” and Zeniqcoin is a Coin, not a Token. If you could look at the companies development and make a follow up on this old revue, it would be very nice

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