5 Bedtime SLEEP Habits To Help You Sleep Better (REALLY Work)

Sleep Habits
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In this post, we will show you the EXACT Bedtime Sleep Habits to Help you Sleep Better.

In fact, this is the same habit our members follow and get Better Sleep.

We think you are getting very low Sleep. That is why You search on the web “How to make Sleep Better?

The answer is Good Bedtime Habit.

Here you can see, In the USA, the monthly searches are 14800 for the “How to Sleep Better” Keyword.

How to sleep better in USA
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We hope, you are very Strict on your health and know Why is Sleep so important?

So, if you want to know the Bedtime Sleep Habit to Sleep Better, you’ll love this Article.

1. Put Away Electronics Device

When you use the Mobile device before Sleep on Bed, You Kill your Sleep.

Because You only use Social Media before Sleep and some are listening to Music. When you use Social Media only for Chatting and Newsfeed Scrolling, You face Blue Light.

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The Bluelight from Mobile and Computer can affect with your Brain.

Stop using Mobile, Laptop for 40-60 Minutes before bed. It helps your Brain for ready to Sleep. If you have Mobile Addiction, this Habit will be Tough for you.

But, For the First 10 days, then it turns into Habit.

In other words, You can replace your Social Media time with Book Reading or Walking.

2. Do Relax Work

Do something relax work and It will be a signal to your Brain for Go to Sleep Mode.

You can do any Relaxing activity at least 40-60 Minutes before Sleep.

Now, You can Say, What Do you Do?

For example, you can read Story Book, Magazine. If you are Running your Own Bussines, Read Some Succesful Mindset Book like Rich Dad Poor Dad,Chanykya Neeti etc.

If you are Gym and Exercise Lover, Do Breathing Exercises.

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By the way, Shower is another great option before Sleep in Bed.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Heavy Meal

Heavy food
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We know, Alcohol is a very dangerous Drink for humans. Instead of, Many People Drink this. It’s no secret that an Alcohol increases the risk of cancer.

If you like to drinks Alcohol, Okay. But not for Daily Night. 1 time in 1month is Okay.

Heavy Meal and Alcohol Interfere with your Body’s Sleep Process. So, Avoid Alcohol at night. And. Try to finish your dinner at least 1-2 hours before Bed.

If your Stomach Hustling for eating something, Eat some light Snack before 40-50 minutes before Bed.

Tea before sleep
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4. Turn The Temperature Down

When your body temperature will drop which indicates for your body it is while sleeping. However, if your bedroom is too hot – or your practice too close to the bed.

Your body may struggle to cool down, making sleep very difficult.

To encourage sleep, avoid intense exercise just before bed, and do whatever you need to do to optimize your bedroom temperature.

Most people tend to do better when their bedroom temperature is somewhere between 60 to 70 degrees Farhenite.

Room Tempareture
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By the way, If your room is too hot, Sleep on Cold Mattress or Speed up your Fan or Air Conditioner.

For, Better Relaxing in bed, wear Light Dress. And it is working GREAT.

5. Stay Out Of The Bed Until You Are Ready For Sleep

Your bedroom should only be used for sleeping. Do not use your room for work, watching TV, or Fun.

Your body understands where your bed, is going to sleep. Your mind automatically catch when you see the bed, you feel Tired.

This means that if you can’t sleep, resist the urge to watch TV or scroll through the bed on social media.

Instead, get out of bed and go to another room to unwind until you’re ready to try to fall asleep again.

Track and Monitor Your Sleeping Time

So at this point, you should start to write down your Full Activities Before, During, and After Sleep.

    • What time you think, you fall asleep?
    • What time did you get up in the Morning?
    • How many times, you woke up at night?
    • Anything you feel affects your Sleep.

    After writing this in Diary, you can measure,

    • What affects your Sleep
    • What Helps for Sleep.

    This Tactics is GREAT for the mission of Better Sleep.

      The Final Word: Sleep Habits

      We hope, you enjoyed our Full Prove 5 Sleep Habits to getting better sleep at night.

      However, If you can not Sleep after use this Habit, Talk to Your Doctor or Sleep Specialist. They can definitely help you.

      Now, We’d like to know from you:

      • Which Habit from this Blog Post are you going to try first?
      • Are you going to avoid Bad Juice?

      Let us know in the Comment.

      Disclaimer: This Health Tips or Guide are Written by our Expert Team. For any Emergency or Critical Condition, Contact your Nearest Doctor.

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