Smart Value Bikash Ghosh Biography, Income, Car (2024)

In this Blog Post, I am gonna present to you Mr. Bikash Ghosh who is one of the Most Popular Leaders in Smart Value Company and one of the Top MLM leaders in India.

Bikash Ghosh Networth is Over 10 Crore. Bikash Ghosh is a self-made millionaire

Almost 95% of his wealth has been made by Direct Selling Business from a Smart Value Company.

Bikash Ghosh Smart Value

From an Ordinary Boy of Poor Class Family whose father was a Rickshaw Driver to Becoming a Self Made Millionaire and a Great Leader and Motivational Speaker in Smart Value as well as Direct Selling Industry, Mr. Bikash Ghosh. He Trains and Motivates Thousand of Associates with his 10 Years + Experience in Smart Value, all over India Online and Offline.

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So how did Mr. Ghosh put it off? Let’s find out some of the amazing facts and information about Bikash Ghosh.

Smart Value Bikash Ghosh Biography

Full NameMr. Bikash Ghosh
SpouseNot Known
Brother NameMr. Biswajit Ghosh
Company NameSmart Value Products and Services Limited
ProfessionMLM Leader, Networker, Businessman
Net WorthOver 10 Crore
AddressDum Dum, West Bengal, India

Bikash Ghosh Education

Bikash Ghosh comes from a Poor Middle-class family whose father is Rickshawala. He was a meritorious student in their locality. You can say he is a Topper in their School.

Basically, before his success he and his Brother, Biswajit Ghosh lives in Dum Dum, West Bengal, India, in a small house where most difficult to live with 4 people in a room. From the tough situation, he completes his Graduation Degree. And, besides this Graduation Degree, he joined Smart Value with one of his friends.

Bikash Ghosh’s Life Story in Smart Value

Before Joining Smart Value, Bikash was a meritorious student, you can say he is a Topper in their Class.

One day, one of his friends told him about Smart Value, and without thinking anything, he goes to with him to their Senior. But, when he see the business plan, he was thinking, it is a Scam and he left the house. Basically, as we know, in network marketing you have join members under you, maybe that’s why he left this.

After that, he saw, his Girlfriend joined this company. Probably, that’s why, he again joined Smart Value, and happy to say, now he analyzed the Business Plan and this vision of the company. And, now completely understand, What is Smart Value, How it works, and What is the mission and Vision of Smart Value.

From the time, probably 10 years ago, there was no Mini Branch office and no training center in Kolkata except the Smart Value Branch office in Kestopur. If you want to show the plan of Smart Value to someone, you need to go to their home or you have to invite them. In addition, there was no office for Associate Meetings or any other work.

That time, Bikash Ghosh meet his Smart Value mentor, Mr. Samrat Roy. Bikash was impressed with him after getting his training and starting his journey in Smart Value.

Bikash adds his friends under him in Smart Value. In addition, not only is his friend, but he also joins his own Brother, Biswajit Ghosh, and works. But, after some days of working, some of his friends quit their team and Smart Value without getting Income. As we know, in business, incomes come from someday, not from starting. Probably, That’s why they left.

But, He and his brother and some of his friends never ever Give up. They continuously work there with Family Pressure Financial problems, Negativity of Society.

In the first 4-5 years, they have not received any awards or recognition. But, they have not given up, they are constantly working on Smart Value (one of the Top Network Marketing Companies in India) ​​with lots of passion, vision, and hard work. Because, they know, how powerful compound science is.

5 years later, they got their first pin, “Super Smart” from the company. When they got the first pin, their whole life changed. Their team grew fast like the Fire.

In 2018, they acquired the “Diamond” pin within a few years, which is a dazzling pin in the whole industry. After achieving this Pin, He and His Team, Team Bikash Ghosh get popularity around the whole company. 

His Life was changed slowly to Fast Explosion. Family condition, Financial problem is more good from the ago. Not only for Bikash Ghosh and Biswajit Ghosh, but the whole team also gain popularity and their Team leaders are made happy and successful lifestyles.

Bikash Ghosh Income in Smart Value

Working with honesty in Smart Value, Bikash Ghosh become a millionaire. According to Smart Value Recognition List 2020-21, his Total Yearly income is 1 Crore 70 Lakh for this Financial Year.

Bikash Ghosh’s House & Car

As we already know, Bikash Ghosh and his family lived in a small house where it is very tough to stay 4 people together. Before his and his brother’s life transformation.

Now, Bikash Ghosh has a luxury flat and house in his Locality. 

Having known that, some days ago, he gifts his father a New House. In addition, he has 2 More luxury flats. Not only, he has a flay, but also, he buys some real estate.

Bikash Ghosh has Sports Car DC Avanti which price is almost 50 Lakh.

Smart Value Bikash Ghosh DC Avanti
Bikash Ghosh DC Avanti

Moreover, he has Hyundai Eon, Mitsubishi, and many more cars.

In addition, he has a Suzuki Gixxer and a Harley Davidson Bike, which is the Dream Bike for most boys.

Bikash Ghosh Harley Devidson
Bikash Ghosh DC Avanti

Bikash Ghosh Smart Value Training in Zoom Call

Leaders of Team Bikash Ghosh in Smart Value

As the fastest Growing Team of Smart Value, There are many top-class Dynamic leaders in Team Bikash Ghosh.

They are;

  • Babai Nayek
  • Pranab Shyamal
  • Biswajit Halder
  • Siddhartha Bose
  • Prasanta Mondal
  • Rahul Roy
  • Md. Ajaj Ansari
  • Rakesh Biswas
  • Mampi Sarkar
  • Bidyut Dhar
  • Aloke Pal
  • Rabi Barma

What Bikash Ghosh explains about the Benefits of Direct Selling

Bikash Ghosh Motivational Speech in Netaji Indore Stadium

FAQs on Smart Value Bikash Ghosh

  1. Who is Bikash Ghosh in Smart Value?

    Bikash Ghosh is a Great and Dynamic and Most Popular Leader of Smart Value. He is Prince Pin Achiever in Smart Value, according to the 2020-21 Achiever list.

  2. Who is Biswajit Ghosh in Smart Value?

    Biswajit Ghosh is another Great and Dynamic Leader of Smart Value. Basically, Biswajit Ghosh is the brother of Bikash Ghosh.

  3. What is the popular car of Bikash Ghosh in Smart Value?

    The Most popular car of Bikash Ghosh in Smart Value is DC Avanti.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post on Smart Value’s king, Mr. Bikash Ghosh. May the life story of Bikash Ghosh be a motivator, and inspiration, for your Smart Value Business or any other aspects of your life toward success.

Probably, after reading this article, you have more familiar with Mr. Bikash Ghosh and saw the real-life success story of the son of Rickshawala to a Self-made Millionaire.

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