Smart Value: the Complete Information of SVPS LTD (2024)

Hey guys, in this article we will discuss Smart Value Products and Services Limited, One of the leading Indian Network Marketing Companies of India.

smart value

In today’s updated world, all of us know what is Direct Selling and Network Marketing.

Multi-level Marketing or Network marketing is one of the best economical solutions in today’s updating world.

Let’s dive into this topic…

Smart Value: One of the Leading Direct Selling Company

A Small brief about Direct Selling Industry or Network Marketing:

Network Marketing In India

Legend On Network Marketing or Direct Selling Industry

Many Legends, APJ Abdul KalamBill GatesRobert KiyosakiWarren BuffetDonald Trump deliver their Speech About Network Marketing.

So, here are their words….

Network Marketing is the fastest growing Bussiness of 21st Century which Must Be joined every Man and Woman globally, Otherwise, you can never get the best of your youth Age.

D. APJ Abdul Kalam

If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing.

Bill Gates

The Richest People in the world Look for and Build Networks. Everyone else looks for Job.

Robert Kiyosaki

One of the Best Investments, I have ever made… Network Marketing today is more widely than at any time in its 60+ History.

Warren Buffet

Your Network is your Networth. I would Get into Network Marketing.

Donald Trump

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Network Marketing

“Modern Problem requires Modern Solutions”

In 21 st century the graph of the world economy has changed from top to bottom. The modern world needs a modern method for enjoying their lifestyle.

Nowadays the earning method also changed. Network Marketing is one of the Modern Methods of Earning.

Network Marketing, where we do not invest money but we invest time. This industry has created many millionaires over the world.

1. Zero Investment, Maximum Result


In India, most people compromise with their daily life. Being a job holder no one can enjoy their life fully in today’s market. 

We know that business is better than a job. But, no one wants to try because of capital, market problem, lack of experience, and many all.

Basically, Network Marketing is an arranged business. You just have to follow and do the business.

 SVPS limited work in these scientific Processes with a Powerful Business Power Plan.

2. Best Working Model

The Multi-level Marketing business model permits big earnings, luxurious lifestyles, higher rewards. Moreover helping others to grow is the best working model.

Working Model

Incorporate the world, companies hire talent, skills, and qualifications to grow their own business. But, in Network Marketing, people educate others to groom someone’s own talent, skills, qualifications.

Therefore, This makes network marketing more powerful. Network marketing simply developed on a number of games and duplication.

3. Connectivity

Today our world is a Big connected network.

Successful people are creating their networks.

And also, they maintain a strong and powerful network. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram are more successful because they are able to create gigantic networks of people.

If we take the example of Jio, there is also the same case. Firstly, they created a strong network free of cost. People got habituated.

Later they created a strong selling process. They give tough competition to other companies very easily.

Creating a mouth network is the best way to improve supplement earnings in direct selling.

4. Making People Energetic & Helpful

The best part of network marketing is that people of any age group can do this. Survey says that even old people also feel younger and energetic to do this business by helping others.

If you are a woman, So it is the best option for you.

5. Bang on In Indian Economy

Last but not least

Everyone has some unfulfilled dreams. Find your own reason and purpose to do the business.

Direct Selling Industry reviving the Indian Economy since 1990. Expert say, In 2025 Network Marketing will bang on the Indian economy approx, Rs 600+ billion Dollar.

So, if you improve your skill, talent, want to give security to your family, you should dive into Network Marketing.

What is Smart Value or SVPS LTD?

The full name of this Company is Smart Value Products & Services Limited. In short, People say it is Smart Value OR SVPS LTD.

Smart Value is a company that provides advanced computer education, health products, lifestyle, beauty products, and also agricultural products.

Smart Value Products & Services Limited is one of the best network marketing companies in India. It is awarded for the greatest brand in India.

smart value

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it; he who doesn’t pays it.

Albert Einstein

Only this company does business with computer education, which is very much needed in India. India is a developing country. Still, now there is a big percentage of citizens who are not advanced computer educated.

SVPS Limited provides advanced computer education to increase computer education among people at an affordable price.

Smart Value Company Profile

Company NameSmart Value Products and Services Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U50300DL2006PLC191355
PAN NumberAAKCS4493C
DirectorMr. Shivakumar Krishnamoorthy, Mr. Trimurthy Nagi
ProductsHealth Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Agriculture, Computer Education
Office AddressM-17, Second Floor, Lajpat Nagar – II, New Delhi – 110 024,
Smart Value or SVPS Limited Company Profile

1. Certificate of Commencement Business

smart value certificate of business

2. PAN Card

smart value pan card

Note: The official website of the company is Here we have shared the Information and documents of the company for information and Education purposes only which will prove the Authenticity of the company.

5 Reasons Why Smart Value?

Now, the question is Why Smart Value?

There are about 457 Legal Network Marketing companies in India. But, among them, Smart Value is one of the best Network Marketing company in India.

It completes 1000 weeks in 20 years. Completing 1000 weeks in 20 years is a big success for the industry.

One industry will be the best if they’re available “5P” which means-

  • Purpose
  • Product
  • Portfolio
  • People.
  • Plan & Payout

What is 5P?

1. Purpose: Without purpose, no industry can grow up. The objective of Smart Value is to make the youth of India economically independent. We all know that Youth is the backbone of any country.

And when the young generation will economically strong, India will gradually become the first world from the third world.

SVPS Limited multinational Industry started its work 20 years before for this purpose. It is awarded World’s Greatest Brand in 2017-2018.

2. Product: Those who are in the business field, would obviously know the most important thing in business is the product. If your product is excellent, the Industry will automatically grow up.

Already Smart Values products are awarded several times.

3. Portfolio: Legends say that to spread your business you have to work with several products. Otherwise, your market will down.

4. People: In Smart Value, every associate is an IBA(Independent Business Associate). This is a god-gifted platform.


“Every day is a gift, that is why they call it the present.”- In Smart Value every day is gifted.

The association of all Smart Value is very energetic and positive. More than 38 Lakh Associates and customers are associated with the mission of Smart Value across India.

5. Plan and Payout: Many network marketing companies get down because of their poor payout. Associates did not get their payout properly.

There is 8 Best Network Marketing plan in this Direct Selling Industry. The binary Plan is one of the best and most powerful Plans on this list. Smart Value Business Plan is working in Binary Method. It is paid weekly. That is to say that Smart Value paid 52 weeks in one year.

 To know about Smart Value Income, Kindly Login to Smart Value office or discuss it with any Smart Value Associate.

Case Study

Tata and Bata started their business at the same time. Tata says that to take control of India, we have to do business with several products. But, Bata says that they will stick with one product.

Today’s result is known to all. Tata has made an iconic brand not only in India but in the World also. But Bata loses its market.

In India, APLL is the one that does business with IT Education. APLL is awarded the Best Edutech Company in World.

Smart Value is the only network marketing company that works with products and services. It not only works with education but also Health care, Personal care, Beauty care, and Agriculture.

About the Industry

Smart Value Product & Services Limited is much more than a company. Its revolutionary idea has transcended itself beyond the ordinary.

 Who is committed to bringing a positive change in the lives of people through its genuine quality products that are valued for money?

And by opening profitable and career-oriented opportunities for highly motivated youth.

Today the company through its sheer dedication and innovative idea has a notable presence across India.

SVPS Limited Company is committed to enhancing the overall quality of living and helping people to create a healthy and happy life.

On the other hand, The company is interested in various categories of products like Educational Books and DVD s, Health and Wellness, Personal care, Homecare, Lifestyle, Beauty Care, and Agriculture.

In brief-

  • Smart Value is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
  • On the other hand, It is one of the leading direct selling organizations in India which is selling Health and Wellness, Personal care, Beauty care, Lifestyle, Agriculture products, Educational books, and DVDs.
  • The company has more than 100+ High quality and value-for-money products.
  • Moreover, it is managed by the synergy of highly qualified professionals with multi-industry exposure from top management institutes of India.
  • Most importantly, Smart Value is built on strong ethics and beliefs.
  • Above all, the SVPS Limited industry is time-tested and one of the most trusted organizations.

The Vision of Smart Value

“To be a reputed institute of smart people who add value across generations.”

  • To transform citizens to smarter and Healthier.
  •  Is to provide quality products.
  •  Develop personality and communication skills with the help of Educational books and DVDs.

The Mission of Smart Value

As the Chinese Philosopher Lao-tzu said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Smart Value is dedicated to spreading knowledge in society and helping people choose value-for-money products for healthy and better living.

Products of Smart Value

Smart Value’s mission is to make India more healthy, beautiful,  smart, and happy.

The company provides-

1. Health Care

Firstly, we know, Times have changed, lives have changed and so has its style.

That’s why Smart Value brings value for money health products under the brand name “NOURISH” which strengthens and prepares you to stay fit and healthy.

For Example, Health products are- Noni Gold JuiceNoni Kokum Plus JuiceNoni Premium JuiceNourish MultivitaminNourish Protein PowderNourish Calcium, Nourish Aloe vera JuiceNourish Amla Juice, etc.

2. Personal Care

Beauty enriches people’s lives. Our skin and hair are the most noticeable parts of our body and need nourishment just like the rest of it.

The good news is Smart Value has come up with an extensive range of world-class personal care products through “NURTURE” to ensure you are ravishing as always.

Smart Value Personal care Products are– Facewash, Face scrub, Fairness cream, suns cream, handwash, aloe vera soap, green apple shampoo, conditioner, Maha Bhringraj Herbal Oil, lip balm, Toothpaste, etc.

3. Home Care

That could not be more pleasant than the feeling of living in a clean and tidy home. Smart Value’s wide range of home care products ensures every inch of your home amplifies that wonderful feeling of cleanliness.

Home care products are– Smart wash detergent powder, detergent bar, and dishwasher bar.

4. Agriculture

In addition, Agrolizer 82 is a multipurpose Spray adjuvant that increases its functionality. When it mixes the solution of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and foliar fertilizers.

As a result, diseases, pests, and herbicides which affect crops, fruits, and vegetables are better prevented and give increases in the yield.

We all know, there is the word “Updation” is works everywhere. So, visit their official website or Contact their Associate to know the New Product List.

Services of SVPS Limited

In India, Smart Value Products & Services Limited is the only company that does work with Advance Computer education. Asian Pacific Learning Leverage Limited(APLL) provides advanced computer education at a very affordable price.


Smart Value not only provides products but also gives services. Early days there were some companies that started businesses in computer education.

But they can not be able to continue their business in computer education. Because they provide online classes.

People have to learn through the internet on their own. As we all know that in India everyone does not have this level of facility to learn from the internet on their own.

But, Smart Value provides value-for-money products and services also. The company gives you books, DVDs as well as classes.

On the other hand, There is APLL’s computer center almost in every state in India. In India, you can learn from APLL’s computer center anywhere.

The classes were taken by experts, exams are arranged, and ISO certificates are given to the students. In addition, there is also a campus facility.

Social work of Smart Value

Similarly, Smart Value works for people. This company does work for maintaining good health, being computer educated, and being smart. In one word being a good person.

Not only this they do social work also. They have made several blood donation camps in several cities.

In 2019, Smart Value makes Raley Promote No Use Of Plastic. In addition, they do not use Plastic bags for carrying their Products.

Arrange an awareness campaign to save water. That is able to give a mark on the world record books. Indian Book of record officially recognizes this Program.

In 2018, Smart Value arrange a rally against not wearing a helmet.

Most importantly, SVPS Ltd has its own NGO “Feel Foundation” and “Love Care Foundation”. That put on a smile on many faces with their heartwarming reception.

Record and Awards

When the year starts the objective is to win it all with the team, personal records are secondary.

Lionel Messi

Proudly, Smart value has made several world records.

Firstly, According to AsiaOne Magazine, Smart Value Products & Service Limited is selected as the World’s Greatest Brands & Leaders of 2017-2018.


Secondly, This company awareness of road safety by creating “World’s Largest Helmet with Humans“. They involve 8000 Smart Value Associates. “Indian Book of Record” awarded it as an Indian World Record.

This record is only possible for Hardworking, dreamers, and dedicated People called, Smart Value Associates.

Thirdly, Smart Value Product Services Limited listed its name in India’s Best 5000 MSME Awards in 2019.

India 5000 Best MSME Awards

 Fourthly, SVPS Ltd listing their name in INDIA’S LEADING BRAND OF THE YEAR at Goa on 28th February 2020. In other words, This award was given by Mr. Sunil Shetty.

India's Leading Brand of the Year

Fifthly, Also, Lifespan got an award as Top Quality Manufacturer of the Year for Nutricaticals Products at India’s Signature Brands Awards.

Sixthly, Smart Value list their name in the 13th number in the Top 100 Brands in World in 2017-2018.

Smart Value Products & Services Limited

People Also Ask

  1. Who is the CEO of Smart Value?

    Mr. Shivakumar Krishnamourthy is the CEO of Smart Value Products and Services Limited.

  2. What is a smart value company?

    Smart Value Products And Services Limited is a Non-Government Company. This is one of the Best Growing Network Marketing companies in India. They have 4 Categories of Products and 1 Service. This Company work with a 1:2 or 2:1 Binary Plan which is a very good way to earn money.

  3. Who is the COO of Smart Value?

    Mr. Trimurthy Nagi is the COO of Smart Value Products and Services Limited.

  4. What is the Rank of Smart Value in the World?

    Smart Value ranked 13th number in the Top 100 Brands in World in 2017-2018.

  5. Is smart value fake?

    No. Smart Value is a real, genuine, Unique, and Central Government approved Company. This Company Completed its 20 Years Journey in India.

  6. is smart value id renewal online?

    No. It is not possible to renewal ID Online. you have to go to any Branch of Smart Value or its Lemart Center with 1 copy of your Photo and Aadhar Card.

  7. Is APLL fake?

    No. APLL is a Real, Authentic, and No.1 IT Organization in India and all over the world.

  8. What is the full name of APLL?

    Asian Pacific Learning Leverage Limited is the Full name of APLL.

  9. What is the Full Form of SVPS LTD?

    The full form of SVPS LTD is Smart Value Products and Services Limited.

Summary and Conclusion

In Conclusion, Throughout the article, you guys know about  Smart Value Products & Services Limited.

As the fasts growing economy today, India is the fifth home of the world’s youth. Half of its population is below the age of 25, and a quarter is below the age of 14.

So, there are so many network marketing companies in India but according to our opinion Smart Value is the best network marketing company.

Most People want to know about the Rank of Smart Value. By the way, Sorry to say, There is no Official Ranked List Published by the Government.

This will depend on your mind to determine the rank of SVPS Limited among other Network Marketing companies.

And now I’d like to hear from you:

 Are you chosen any network marketing company?

 What is Your Best Experience in Smart Value?

Let us below your answer in a comment.

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  1. Smart value products and services limited is one of the best network marketing industry in India , and we have to tried it to be the one of the best network marketing industry in future in the world .

  2. Sk Maidul Islam

    I Love Smart Value.

    Smart Value is Only One Platform to Build your Career,
    Change your Attitude and Character.

    It’s a Man Making Platform.

  3. This is really amazing and i get many more information frm this .
    I really love svltd.
    If i change my blood gp , then i will definitely change it into sv blood gp proudly.

  4. I Love Smart Value.
    Smart Value is a God Gifted Platform.
    Smart Values Seniors and Leaders are Very Energetic Person and they Transfer energy to Their Team.

    Attitude is Everything, That’s Why Smart Values Leaders teach you How you Can get Positive Attitude.

    Per Day in Smart Value is a Journey to me, and I Enjoyed it Because I Love the Training System provided by Smart Value.

    If you get a Better Life then a Mentor is always needed, and Smart Values Leaders are The Mentor.

    I Love Smart Value Because We Work Education, Health and Wellness, Agriculture, Vocal for Local, Income, Which is also Told by Swami Vivekananda.

    Now a Days Computer Backward Class is 94%, But Smart Value give them Opportunity to Educate in Advanced level of Computer in Low Price, which is good for Poor and Middle Class of People.

    Smart Value and Our Mission is to Transform INDIA to 1st world country.

    For the Last 21 years we are Working Successfully in India.

    Smart Value Completes 1000+ weeks in 21 years, This is a Big Success for the Industry.

    I’m Happy that Allah Gives Opportunity to me Smart Value.

    Smart Value gives Opportunity to me and us to do Time Compounding.

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