6 Things You Should NOT Do After Running (2021)

NOT Do After Running
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Today, I am Gonna show you 6 Activities to Not Do after Running.


In fact, I write a post about How to Run 2 Miles in 13 Minutes. There are huge benefits of Running in the morning Daily.

 But, If you do this things after running, you will do a Mistake.

So, Let’s see this Point Which You NOT Do After Running.

  1. Do Not Sit At Home After Running
  2. Do Not Open Beer Bottle
  3. Eating Food
  4. Do Not Go To Shopping
  5. Be A Couch Potato
  6. Talking To Your Friend About Your Running

1. Do Not Sit At Home After Running

First of all, don’t sit at home in your wet sweaty running kit scrolling through the latest things on social media. It’s really tempting to pick up your phone and start uploading your data. 

Having a look through maybe comparing your run to someone else’s on Strava. Even putting your pictures onto Instagram.

It is very easily done but before you know it you will start to get quite cold. When you’re running your blood vessels dilate. You will get really hot and sweaty which is fine you won’t even feel cold when you walk in the door.

If you sit down for 10 minutes or more, you’ll soon find that that dampness of your kit. It Will get to you and you’ll find your way shivering towards a chat and it’ll be much harder to warm up so try and avoid the temptation.

Then you can get straight into some warm dry clothes and then you can scroll as much as you like.

2. Do Not Open Beer Bottle

This is a very common thing for most people. Don’t open a beer as soon as you walk in the door or open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass. It is very tempting. 

I know but try to make sure you’ve rehydrated fully.

Especially if it’s been a hard or a really sweaty hot run. You want to make sure you’ve rehydrated with water.

Maybe, some isotonic drink as well and once your levels are back up you can. Then sit and enjoy the alcoholic beverage.

We’re not party poopers here, I am not saying don’t drink just make sure you’ve given your body the best chance to recover. it will thank you the next day.

3. Eating Food

We’ve all been there. We are all guilty of getting back from a run and diving into the sweet jar grabbing biscuits or maybe even eating some cake. Anything that’s just easy to eat. 

It is gonna sort of satiate us with that sugar craving. But, that isn’t actually what our body needs after a run? 

So, if it’s mealtime it’s a good idea to prepare something beforehand. 

If you’re tempted by the naughty things or maybe even have the ingredients out ready,you can cook straight away.

Alternatively, if you really need food as soon as you get in the door have some Healthy nutritious snacks to hand. 

This will be great for the next day.

4. Do Not Go To Shopping

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On the way home from a long run or any big piece of exercise because your brain is probably not going to be working properly. I have certainly been guilty of this one.

You’re just craving carbohydrates to replenish those that you’ve burnt. Similarly, your muscles are wanting that fuel and you’re walking around the supermarket.

 You just end up putting in things that you want right there. You might not be able to think of the bigger picture.

So, I would suggest coming with a list being strict to that. But you’re probably still going to sneak those naughty things into your trolley. So you have to keep a healthy snack in your bag or a protein drink.  

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5. Be A Couch Potato

You might have done your run early in the morning feeling really satisfied with yourself. Come home and plonk yourself on the sofa and not move for the rest of the day.

You might think that’s brilliant for recovery.

 Well, I’m afraid it isn’t ideal.

First of all, you need to make sure you do a very thorough warm down. 

Especially, if it’s been a hard run and then you still need to just keep your body moving at points throughout the day. 

I think we’ve all been there when we’ve done a hard race and jumped in the car or on a flight got out the other end.

We can hardly move that’s because our muscles are going to seize up. Make sure you just try to do a thorough warm-down throughout the day as well.

6. Talking To Your Friend About Your Running

My final point of the day is a very serious one do not brag about the latest segment. You might have just got out on your run if you’re ringing up.

your friends or you’re posting it and boasting about a time you’ve achieved well. it’s probably just going to ignite a fire in your friends. I am pretty sure you won’t be holding that record for very long as. They will be heading out the next day to beat it.

Hey Harsh, how are you?


He: Yeah. Fine Bro.


You know that run you did the other day when you went along the canal and then up that hill and you were quiet.


Pleased with your time.


Well, you might want to check running apps.


I’m afraid I did yep really sorry about that one

Well, I’m not at all actually I’m quite.


Pleased with my time.

Anyway, I’ll catch you soon cheers all right that was a bit of tongue and cheek.

I know we were joking and making it light-hearted.

Conclusion of Activities Which You NOT Do After Running

There you have 6 Things To NOT Do After Running. These Biggest Post Run Mistake, I did before.

After Understanding these mistake, Now My Running is improves than Before.

By the way, Don’t worry, I will share you next some Post. What to do after running? 

Which I do.

Now I’d like to know from you:

Did you learn any Tips from this Post Which you will add in your Routine?

And, What Mistake, you are doing Now?

Or maybe you do another mistake that I didn’t mention here.

Either way, let me know by a quick comment below.

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