Tiens Products Price List 2024 PDF Download | How To Join Tiens India?

Welcome.Friends. Today I am gonna show you the Tiens Products price list (also known as, Tianshi Products Price List) in this blog post. In addition, I also added a PDF file here.

Tiens Products Price List

If you work here or Wanna work in Tiens, you will often need the Tiens Products Price List for your Business Purpose.

About Tiens or Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited

Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited is also known as Tianshi Company or Tiens Company. Tiens is a Chinese Direct Selling company that works in India. Besides, Tiens is listed in the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies of India, it is also added in IDSA Company List

The headquarters of Tiens group of companies is located in Tianjin, which is a very Beautiful City in China.

According to the DSN Global 100 List, after the USA most of the Chinese Direct Selling companies are ranking at the top, maybe this is the main reason why the Chinese Economy is Growing. Where India only Vestige Marketing is ranking under Top 100 Companies.

Tiens Company Profile

Company NameTianjin Tianshi Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U51909DL2002PTC115140
FounderHan-Gill Park
ProductsFood Supplement, Home Care, Personal Care, Equipment
Head Office in IndiaNelson Manickam Road, Aminjikaral, Near ICICI Bank, Chennai-600 029
Email IDcustomercare@tianshiindia.co.in

Tiens Product Category

These are the categories of Tiens Products.

  • Personal Care
  • Food Supplement
  • Home Care
  • Equipment
  • Non-BV Products
  • Others

Tiens Products Price List 2024

In the following list, a few are abbreviations are used to show the Products List.

  • MRP: Maximum Retail Price
  • PV: Point Value
  • DP: Distributor Price
  • BV: Bonus Value

Food Supplement Product

Serial No.CodeProduct NameM.R.P.P.V./D.P.BV
1.B001OPC – Plus Capsules229818381605
2.B002Teapoly Capsules207016561446
3.B003Gymnema Tablets12941035904
4.B005Spirulina Capsules229818381605
5.B006Zinc Capsules906725633
6.B009FOS Powder888710496
7.B014Fe-Plus Capsules544435304
8. 8017 Tiens Co Enzyme 923 738 515
9.B015Fat Burning Capsules13591087759
10.B016Tiens Multivitamin Tablet563375262
11.6018Tiens Omega Life1030824576
12.B019Protein Powder189815181061
13.B020SAMe 200mg364929192039
14.B021SAMe 400mg712056963980

Personal Care Product

Serial No.CodeProduct NameM.R.P P.V./D.P. BV
15.H001Revitize Nourishing Shampoo (Normal Hair)420336235
16.H002Revitize Nourishing Shampoo (Dry and Damaged)420336235
17.H003Revitize Nourishing Shampoo (Anti Dandruff)420336235
18.H004Revitize Amla & Neem Hair Oil300240167
19. H014 Revitize Dream Hair shampoo (Anti Dandruff) 443 354 247
20.H011Spakare Bath Soap (Pack of 4)419399279
21.H012Revitize Dream Hair shampoo (Normal Hair)443354247
22.H013Revitize Dream Hair shampoo (Dry and Damaged)443354247
23.R001Nana Hand Wash285228159
24.N001Orecare Tiens Herbal Tooth Paste18918090
25.A023Airiz Sanitary Napkin (Day Use)15815079
26.A024Airiz Sanitary Napkin (Night Use)14714073

Home Care Product

Serial No.CodeProduct Name M.R.P P.V./D.P. BV
27.H005Dicho Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner360288201
28.H006Dicho Dish Wash360288201
29.H007Dicho Detergent Powder Hand Wash358286200
30.H008Dicho Detergent Powder Machine Wash358286200


Serial No.CodeProduct NameM.R.P P.V./D.P. BV
31.Q002Blood Circulatory Massager450003750028000
32.Q004Hypotension Apparatus748159854181
33. Q023 TIENS Water Purifier & Aqua Filter 6322 6021 4207
34.Q005Weight Reducing Belt812565004541
35.Q007TIENS – Aculife400003446424080
36.Q014Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner209381675011703
37.Q015TIENS Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus13875111007756
38.Q022Acupoints Treasure Multifuncational Apparatus – ATMA243751950013624
39.Q024TIENS Aqua Filter (2pcs)523249833481


Serial No.CodeProduct NameM.R.P P.V./D.P. BV
40.Q013Tiens Aura Energy Stone365629252044
41.Q016Ti – Energy Bracelet– Crystal Black Men’s Edition712557003983
42.Q017Ti Energy Bracelet –Crystal Black Men’s Extended Edition712557003983
43.Q018Ti Energy Bracelet –Elegant Black Men’s Edition525042002935
44.Q019Ti Energy Bracelet –Elegant Black Men’s Extended Edition525042002935
45.Q020Ti Energy Bracelet –Magic White Women’s Edition862569004821
46.Q021Ti Energy Bracelet –Magic White Women’s Extended Edition862569004821
47.Q025Tiens Health Mattress (Single)693006600046114

Non BV Product

Serial No.CodeProduct NameM.R.P P.V./D.P. BV
48.Z001Application Form135
49.Z002BCM Book80
50.Z003Order Form155
51.Z004Pocket Size Business Kit50
52.Z005Product DVD – (Packof 2)300
53.Z006Product Flyers80
54.Z007Tiens – Corporate Profile250
55.Z008Tiens – Fast Track Book255
56.Z009Tiens – News Letter75
57.Z010Tiens – Product Catalogue (Pack ore)300
58.Z011Tiens – Product Hand Book210
59.Z012Tiens Polythene Bag10

Tiens Products Price List PDF Download

Just click on the ‘Download PDF’ button to download Tiens products price list PDF. Then you will be redirected to your Google Drive account either you can download it to your device or save it in your Drive.

You will also like:

Tiens Business Plan

Tiens Company has no Binary Plan. Basically, you need to recruit 6 people Directly to join the company. Every product of the company’s BV point matrix is very important when Calculating the Indirect and Direct Sales Profit.

Typically, Tiens has two rank stages for their Distributer, 1 to 8-star rank, and Honorary Rank, respectively. The 1 to 8-star rank is followed by 8 levels and the honorary rank has 10 levels. The last level rank is called Tiens Laureate. After joining and completing the purchase of 100 PV products, the level is upgraded from 1 to 2.

How to join Tiens India?

There are no educational criteria to join Tiens India. Any Indian citizen can join Tiens. When you join time and purchase products from the company at a distributed price, you get a 1st Star Level of this company. Then when you purchase products of 100PV, you will get 2nd Star Level.

Anyone can join this MLM Company via their official website but I am recommending you to join the company in offline mode. Contact their Branch or any Distributor of this company, it will be more beneficial and valuable to get the more information about this Business


I hope you have got all Tiens India Products with their Business Point in this Latest Tianshi Products Price list Blog post. Also, you are able to Download the Tiens Products Price List 2024 PDF.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Do you Believe in a Chinese Company’s Product?

Which product do you want to buy from Tianjin Tianshi?

Let me know in the Comment Right Now.

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      1. Here is the Tiens Office address in karachi, Office # 102, Taj Mehal, building Block-1, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Near Practical Centre, Karachi.

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