Tirus Plan Review: Is it legal or a Scam? (2024)

This is a super in-depth review of the Tirus Plan. Tirus is an investment-based MLM plan which is operated by a Russian Company Tirus Limited.

Tirus Plan

In this article, I am gonna show you everything about the Tirus Plan.

  • Joining and Investment Amount
  • Income Plan and Types
  • And, Lot’s More

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What is Tirus Plan?

Tirus Plan is an investment-based MLM plan, managed by Tirus Limited. This company was launched on December 24, 2016, and started its business plan in Russia.

According to the Alexa website report, most visitors to Tirus’s website are from India and Algeria. That proves that, though Tirus Limited operated in Russia it has a big user base in India.

The main thing to do in Tirus Plan is to invest money in yourself and get other people to invest there. Anyone can invest in a Tirus Plan via the Internet.

What Tirus Limited claim about its Plan?

  • High profits based on new investment strategies.
  • Stable income with minimal risk.
  • Investment security.
  • Individual approach and high-quality service for each of our investors.
  • Personal account with easy access to manage your investment funds.
  • Withdraw money quickly and accurately on any electronic payment system.

Tirus Registration and Tirus Login

Here is the step-by-step process of Tirus Registration:

  • First, Visit the official website. (Link is below the article)
  • Then, click on the Sign-Up button at the top of the Right Corner.
  • After that, you have registered your Mobile Number, Email ID and set it to a Password.
  • And, Finally, Click on the Registration Button.

Here is the step-by-step process of Tirus Login:

  • First, Visit the official website. (Link is below the article)
  • Then, click on the Sign-in button at the top.
  • Then fill up the registered Email Id and Password and also put a captcha.
  • After filling in the login information, Click on Login Button.


One of the four investment plans offered by Tirus to become a member.

Here is the 4 Plan of Tirus Plan given.

Plan NameInvestment Amount (Dollar)

There are 10 rings under each plan, on completion of the first ring, the commission is automatically invested for the second ring. 

Whatever types of Tirus plan you choose, your downline also has to be invested in the same plan.

Tirus Compensation plan

There are 3 ways to earn money from the Tirus Plan. Which, the main income is Ring Income and the remaining 2 income is earned on achieving some level.

1. Ring Income

Under ring income, you get an income from completing the ring. There are 10 rings in each level and on completion of each ring, some income is earned by the company.

At this level, It is mandatory to have 4 logos to complete a ring. On this plan, you have to complete 4 logos where out of 2 are required to be direct sponsors by you and the other 2 are counted when joining by upline or downline.

Here is the chart below you can see how much income is given by the company on completion of the ring.

Ring Income Easy and Medium

As such, you can see the simple level chart given above.

 The first ring was complete. Members can earn 40 dollars in income, from 10 dollars your upline goes to the ring, and from 30 dollars your earring is activated and nothing less.

People will also be needed to complete the ring. Now the 4 guys who are in your first ring, when he can complete your first ring, he comes to your second ring and this is how you ring on the other side.

Ring Income hard and Grand

Similarly, you can refer to medium, hard, and grand plans ahead.

2. Linear Premiums

Up to the fifth level of the downline team under this income, some percentage of the income of each downline is available as this income.

In this income, you can get the percentage up to the 5th level of the Downline Team. In the plan around the company, different percentage reduction is given as this income. 

Here is the chart,  you can see what level of downline income is available as a percentage of income.

Linear Premium

As you can see in the chart, Direct Downline got 3% less income than the upline in the simplest level. A 2% reduction type is available from the other level downline.

3. Carrier

Here the company gives certain gifts and levels on completion of certain prescribed rings at each level.

Should I join Tirus or not?

I highly recommend staying away from his company. It is not registered in the India Government MCA.  Most of the time, this type of company comes into the market and does scams and leaves, so, if anything is wrong with you, the Government can not help you.

For some time, Tirus will give constant commissions to their investors, so that more and more people join and start investing in it. But at some point, it will close the payout and run away with the money. So, Do not Join the Tirus Company.

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Tirus Plan Review- My Opinion

Now, It is time to share my personal review of the Tirus Plan as I have already shared with Bizgurukul and Grow Partner.

As we got to know, Tirus is an MLM Plan based on investment, there is no service Digital Products or addition. Here, you need to invest in a Different Plan and add other people in investing in it.

So, It was very clear that the Tirus Plan is a pyramid scheme fraudulent and people are going to visit it.

Since it is a Russian company and writing it great because of its publicity, many people will invest without going to its reality. The Document that has been shared on the Tirus website is in German. It is registered in Switzerland under the Russian Company Tirus Limited. Dennis Teterin is present as the director.

Since it originated in Russia and is prevalent in India and some African countries, why is it registered in Switzerland?

The direct answer to this comment is that Tirus is registered as a shell company so people believe in them and invest money in it.


I hope you got the full information of Tirus Plan Review of Tirus Limited.

How this company works and do people join and invest money in it?

Now, I’d like to know you:

Did you already join and invest money in the Tirus Plan?

Or, is Any stranger or Friend talking about you investing money in it?

Let me know in the comment right now. 

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