Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India 2024

Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

There are Active 400+ Network Marketing Companies in India. You can find this Direct Selling Company from the Legal Direct Selling Company List of India.

But, Which is the Best? What are the top 10 direct selling company in India? What are the top 10 network marketing companies in India in 2024?

The network marketing industry in India has been growing rapidly in recent years. According to FICCI-KPMG Report, backed by positive consumer sentiment this industry Rs 16,000 crore industry is all set for massive growth and is expected to reach Rs 64,500 crore by 2025.

Though, according to John M Tayler, the MLM Success rate is 0.4%.

The Indian government has also been supportive of this industry, recognizing it as a legitimate form of direct selling. However, in recent years, there have been some controversies and scams in the industry which have raised questions about the authenticity of the industry in India.

Many people are curious to know the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India. Especially in 2024, Based on the Success and Growth Rate.

So Guys, In this post, I have listed the top 10 MLM companies in India.

Let’s get started…

Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India

Here is the list of the top 10 best network marketing companies in India. These companies have been selected based on their revenue, number of distributors, and years in business. These are considered to be the top ten direct selling companies in India and are recognized for their reputation, stability, and growth in the industry.

Rank No.Company NameMCA Registration DateHead Office
1.Smart Value Products and Services Limited2000Delhi
2.Modicare Limited12 July 1973Delhi
3.Amway India1995Delhi
4.Vestige Marketing Private Limited02 June 2004Delhi
5.Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited14 March 2013Chennai, Tamilnadu
6.Oriflame25 August 1994Delhi
7.Herbalife Nutrition08 October 1998Bangalore, Karnataka
8.Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)25 January 2011Mumbai
9.Avon30 June 1995Gurgaon, Haryana
10.Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited22 January 2001Delhi
10 best MLM companies in India

1. Smart Value Products and Services Limited

SVPS Limited Site
Company NameSmart Value Products and Services Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U50300DL2006PLC191355
PAN NumberAAKCS4493C
DirectorMr. Shivakumar Krishnamourthy, Mr. Trimurthy Nagi
ProductsHealth Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Agriculture, Computer Education
Office AddressM-17, Second Floor, Lajpat Nagar – II, New Delhi – 110 024,

Smart Value Products and Services Limited is one of the Largest and Top of Top 10 best direct selling companies in India with 39 Lakh+ distributors. Smart Value is a company that provides advanced computer education, health products, lifestyle, beauty products, and agricultural products.

Further, Smart Value is one of the Indian Direct Selling Companies, which also ranked in the Top 10 Indian Direct Selling Companies List.

  • Smart Value is an ISO 9001: 2006 certified company.
  • The company has more than 100+ high quality and standards for money products.
  • It is managed by a combination of highly skilled professionals with multi-industry exposure from top management institutes in India.
  • Most importantly, smart values are built on strong ethics and faith.
  • Smart Value has 32 Branch offices across India.

Smart Value Products And Services Limited is much more than a Direct Selling company. Its revolutionary idea has gone far beyond itself. SVPS Limited is committed to improving the quality of life as a whole and helping people build healthier and happier lives.

That is Why, The Manufacture Unit of Smart Value, Lifespan Private Ltd featured in Forbes Magazine and History TV 18.

In Addition, Smart Value Listed its name in the Top 20 Health Wellness MLM Company List.

The vision of Smart Value:

“To be a reputed institute of smart people who add value across generations.”

  • To Make Citizen a Healthier.
  • To Make a Citizen into a Smartizen.
  • To Provide High-Quality Products.
  • To develop Each Person’s personality and communication skills with the help of Educational Books and DVDs.

The Mission of Smart Value:

Smart Value is dedicated to spreading knowledge in society and helping people choose the value for money products for healthy and better living.

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2. Modicare Limited

Company NameModicare Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U72200DL1973PLC110617
FounderSamir Modi
ProductsWellness, Skincare, Color, Home Care, Personal Care, Food and Beverage
Head OfficeCommunity Center, New Friends Colony,
New Delhi, Pin – 110025

Modicare is one of the good Multi-level Marketing or Direct Selling companies in India and is a serious player in the business. Samir Modi is the founder of this company.

Modicare offers products in these categories-

  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Laundry Care
  • Health Wellness and Nutrition

Modicare Merchandise is developed by the company’s own highly skilled technical staff at its own research and development centers. All products are in line with international standards and developed to Indian taste.

As a Modicare Consultant,

  • You can buy a 20-25% cheap item than others.
  •  It offers a huge benefit to others earning 25% off
  • High sales volume consultants are given power seller bonuses which can range from 5% to 20% depending on the BV (Business Volume).

Today there are billions of Indians who are living this dream and are financially free. The people of India are determined to lead their future and guide their way of life through Modicare. 

These are emerging Indian products that are moving forward to assert their identity.

The Vision of Modicare:

Modicare wants to make normal people believe in Financial ‘Azadi’. They help to play the network marketing business fairly and simply. On the other hand, You have to build a High-quality team with a creative and innovative mind in India.

The Mission of Modicare:

  • With the sympathy of the consultants, to constantly interact and solve the problems of the consultants with the ownership of the products.
  • Strengthening the team and increasing longevity by empowering individuals to lead.
  • Maximize profits by recognizing the potential of each individual.

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3. Amway India

Amway India is India’s leading network marketing or direct selling company with more than 150 workplaces in India. Amway believes in India and the future of network marketing or MLM in India.

  • In Tamil Nadu, Amway India has an estimated Rs 600 crore to produce a unique quality item for Indians.
  • India is the third nation within the realm where Amway has contributed to the opportunity of a supplier. Amway India has established itself as the largest direct-selling company in India.
  • Amway India is now in the top 10 network markets worldwide. In any case, the goal is to keep India within the top three markets.
  • Amway sells more than 140 World Division items in India including a strong system of brands.

The Vision of Amway:

To help people Work without Pressure and live better lives each day. Amway aims to help people everywhere discover their potential and achieve better by providing better brands and opportunities for the future and sharing generously with the world community.

The Mission of Amway:

Amway Health, is the center of skincare and home product innovation and top-selling, global brands. This is an organization committed to providing employees with challenging career opportunities, a comprehensive total reward package, profit sharing, tuition assistance, product discounts, and an award-winning welfare program.

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4. Vestige Marketing Private Limited

Company NameVestige Marketing Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN NoU51909DL2004PTC126738
Established Date2004
Founder and DirectorGautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh and Deepak Sood
ProductsHealth Care, Home Care, Agriculture, Personal Care
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India

Vestige is growing at an uninterrupted rate every year to compete with the top international brands in the business. Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., one of the popular MLM companies in India, started its operations in 2004.

The growth rate of Vestige itself speaks volumes about product quality, marketing planning, and management that has been able to deliver such a satisfactory and simple system.

Vestige believes in empowering its members by giving them the opportunity to manage their lives on their own terms.

With over 2500+ online and offline sales retailers across India, multiple international offices, and several other distribution centers, Vestige continues to build an extensive network of distributors, growing steadily every year.

The Vision of Vestige:

Vestige wants to help people to live a life of economic independence on their own terms.

The Mission of Vestige:

Its mission is to grow to a worldwide scale and become the benchmark in the direct selling industry.

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5. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd

NameMI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
DirectorsManmohan Singh, Kishore Kumar, Kolla Sathya Narayana, Hackeem Abdul Rahim
Register Date14 March 2013
Product Categories Personal Care, Home Care, Agro Care
Head officeChennai, Tamilnadu

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. is a Direct Selling company in India, established in 2013 in Chennai. At the moment it is listed their name in the Top 10 MLM or Network Marketing Companies in India List.

  • The company provides various quality living items for daily use which are approved by the Ministry of AYUSH.
  • The current income of the company is more than 1200 crore rupees.
  • The goal of MI Lifestyle is to give customers, who are the center of this organization, their best.
  • Distributors are the best with trained professionals and tremendous benefits and beneficial possibilities for the buyer.

The Vision of Mi Lifestyle:

Empowering People to Improve their Lifestyle by helping them to achieve their Ambitions in Life in Style.

That is Why Their motto says “It’s Mi Life. It’s Mi Style“.

The Mission of Mi Lifestyle:

To modernize over time, their direct sales shopping models pave the smooth path to success for their distributors. The goal of Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is to provide products and services that are highly suitable compared to quality barometers and are economical towards the cost.

By doing this they will also address our social responsibility to society.

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6. Oriflame

Oriflame, a Swedish beauty company, has a huge market in India. Oriflame mainly provides beauty and skincare products. You can take a look at their products and brands here. Oriflame is currently marketing directly to a global beauty company in 65+ countries worldwide.

Its extensive portfolio of Swedish, natural, innovative beauty merchandise is marketed through the sales department of nearly 3.6 million freelance consultants who promote our products around the world.

Oriflame’s operational policy is to respect individuals and to reflect its social and environmental policies. Oriflame supports various charities globally.

However, Oriflame is not the only MLM company like RCM or Herbalife. People can buy products directly from their website and do not need to buy directly from the seller.

The Vision of Oriflame:

  • To be the No.1 Beauty and Skin Care Company in the network marketing or direct selling business Worldwide. 
  • To make the world a little bit better, and definitely more beautiful.

The Mission of Oriflame:

Their Mission and Purpose are to fulfill each and everyone’s dreams for tomorrow by earning cash today.

7. Herbalife Nutrition

Company NameHerbalife Nutrition International India Private Limited
FounderMark Reynolds Hughes
Origin CountryCalifornia, United States
Year Started1980
Products CategoryHealth and Wellness

Herbalife is a US Based international direct selling or Multi-level Marketing nutrition organization that has helped individuals lead a healthy, active life since the 1980s.

Herbalife’s health and nutrition, weight-management products are fully supplied through approximately 2.3 million freelance distributors in more than 95 countries.

The selling Herbalife Products are Weight Loss Products.

Herbalife’s product is manufactured at the company’s 5 manufacturing facilities as a third-party manufacturing partnership between the United States and China.

The Vision of Herbalife:

To an encouraging community, which can give people around the world a simple path to a Healthier, Happier Life.

The Mission of Herbalife:

  • Changing people’s lives by providing the best business opportunities in network marketing or direct sales and the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.
  • To learn, Growing up inventing.
  • Excel and beyond.
  • To be agents of change in their community.
  • To turn an entrepreneurial attitude into an everyday inspiration as they make their customers live – and – healthier and happier.

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8. Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)

NameForever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd
DirectorsAarti Vijay Kadam, Nikita Cyrus Naterwalla, Navaz D Ghaswala, Rex Gene Maughan
Register Date25 January 2011
Product Categories Skin Care, Nutritional, Drinks, and Gels, Personal Care
Head officeMumbai, Maharashtra

Forever Living – The Aloe Vera Company is a multi-billion dollar US Based network marketing or direct selling company known for its exclusive Aloe vera Based Products.

Forward Living’s MLM plan is very simple. All you have to do is become an FBO (Forever Business Owner) member and buy products at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices to your friends earning up to 43% on commission.

In bonuses, you earn a group volume bonus of up to 13% for each of your subordinate team members, and for the leadership bonus, you can earn 2% to 6% depending on the organization’s location.

On the other hand, you can also earn Merchandise money by selling Products without any recruiting.

Everything from plant to product to customer“- The motto of FLP.

The Vision of FLP:

To provide improved services to society in the field of health and welfare care or treatment for people directly from plants.

The Mission of FLP:

  • To create a dignified environment where individuals can be with dignity, they can be what they want to be; Where honesty, empathy, and fun guide.
  • Forever Living organizations, and to create and nurture passion and faith in their products and industry.
  • They want Knowledge, balance, and above all, they seek to be bold when leading organizations and distributors.

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9. Avon

Company NameAvon Products, Inc
CEOAngela Cretu (Jan 2020)
Head OfficeLondon, United Kingdom
ProductsCosmetics, Skincare, fragrance, and personal care

Unlike Oriflame, Avon is the world’s largest beauty network marketing company. They are present in more than 70 countries and in India, they have been working for 20 years now.

Avon mainly provides beauty and skincare products aimed at the women’s section. Avon had annual sales of $4.6 billion worldwide in 2014. It is the 5th largest MLM beauty company and has 6.4 million associates.

People are given an opportunity to earn in support of their well-being and happiness. Avon serves the entire family of the planet with the best quality business with a guarantee of satisfaction. 

And, also Provides the best quality recognition for every Associate and Leader every year.

The Vision of Avon:

Avon – the global organization for women – understands and satisfies the needs of women’s products, services, and self-fulfilling prophecies worldwide.

The Mission of Avon:

To create a world with a more empowered female, because empowered women bring more beauty to the world.

10. Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited

Company NameSafe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
CIN U51900CH2011PTC033256
Year Started2001
DirectorHarish Sondhi
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India
Product Categories Health, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Safe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Limited is an Indian Direct Selling company like Smart Value Products and Services Limited and Vestige.

Safe Shop provides you with various educational products, lifestyle, technology products, both men’s and women’s clothing, utensils, and Ayurveda products for good health.

The company has more than 200 products in its portfolio, covering almost every category with a unique offer of free products. Safe and secure traditional therapies even provide most FMCG products at competitive prices.

The Vision of Safe Shop:

They have the vision to make their dreams a reality by providing valuable education and protecting their lives and families with our progressive programs and business opportunities blended with international quality products.

The Mission of Safe Shop:

To fulfill the dream of Modern Indians.


  1. Which is the No. 1 Direct Selling Company in India?

    According to Associates Partner, Smart Value Products and Services Limited (SVPS LTD) is the No. 1 Direct Selling Company in India.

  2. Who is the CEO of Amway India?

    Milind Pant is the CEO of Amway India.

  3. Is Safe Shop Illegal?

    No. It is a Legal Network Marketing Company. The Complete name of this Company is Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited.

  4. What are the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India?

    1. Smart Value Products and Services Limited
    2. Modicare Limited
    3. Amway India
    4. Vestige Marketing Private Limited
    5. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd
    6. Oriflame
    7. Herbalife Nutrition
    8. Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)
    9. Avon
    10. Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited

  5. What is Network marketing?

    Network marketing is one kind of business model that relies on in-person sales by distributors. A network marketing business can expect you to combine a network of business partners or associates to help you produce leads and bring deals closer.

  6. How does Network Marketing Work?

    Companies that follow the network marketing model create a regular sales center level – that is, marketers are encouraged to list their own network distributors. Company Management or You (or “uplines”) earn commissions on their own sales and sales made by people of their level are called downline.

  7. what is the Rank of Smart Value in India on this list?

    Smart Value is Ranked No. 1 in India on this list.

  8. Are there any scams or controversies associated with the network marketing industry in India?

    There have been some controversies and scams in the industry which have raised questions about the authenticity of the industry in India. So, I recommend, It’s important to do your own research and due diligence before joining any MLM company.

  9. How can I research and find the best network marketing company in India for me?

    Finding the best network marketing company in India for you requires looking at their product quality, compensation plan, management team, and overall reputation in the industry. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of any potential scams or controversies surrounding the company.


In this article, we have discussed the list of top 10 MLM companies in India and fast-growing MLM companies in India in 2024. These companies have been chosen based on their revenue, number of distributors, and years in business. This list can be used as a starting point for researching which MLM company may be a good fit for you.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Do you already Joined a Network Marketing Company?

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Which Company?

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