20 Top MLM Companies For Health Wellness Supplements Products

As we know, Health supplements are very important for us to maintain our Health in our Daily lives.

In the Market, There are many Corporate Companies that sell Health Supplements. But, for making more successful Products, Network Marketing companies have come that Corporate Companies.

Health products are the pillar of most multi-level marketing (MLM), Direct Selling Industries, or network marketing Companies.

Most of the Top MLM Companies are successful in many countries for their Health and Wellness products. There are countless reasons for the success of these Network Marketing companies that make health products.

Top MLM Companies for Health Products

In this short Para Section, you will know the reason for this.

By the way, If you are looking for the best complementary brand products or want to start a home-based MLM business then these points will definitely help you to make a better decision.

That’s why we will make a list of 20 Network Marketing Companies with the Best Vitamin and Supplement Brands.

5 Reasons for the Success of Health Supplement Brands in MLM


More than $12 Billion in annual revenue has been earned from the Health Wellness products of the Direct Selling Industry. According to the report of IBIS World, from the last decade, the total revenue of this industry has grown at an average rate of 7%, and from it, most of the revenue is from independent distributors 68%, and the rest comes from Health Wellness Stores.

Growth rate in sales by product category in Direct Selling (2010-2020)

So, before you look at the list you need to know that health and wellness-based MLM companies that are already the best supplements and vitamin brands are so popular so why do people love them?

1. Health and Wellness Companies Authentic: Most of the health and wellness-based Top MLM companies are authentic compared to other organizations in the world. 

These health MLM companies have vitamins and supplements and they earn year after year. You can purchase their products as well as become members and promote their products.

2. Health and wellness: Vitamin and supplement brands are so popular. This is an Awesome and Evergreen industry everywhere. Because People can not live their life without good health.

There is a growing demand for health and wellness products. For example, the global revenue of these national MLM companies is set to reach about 250 billion USD in the coming years.

3. People take their health more seriously now: People are willing to spend more money on various health products such as vitamins and supplements that can significantly improve their health. 

People prefer to buy tablets, capsules, powders, shakes, etc. for dietary supplements. They are interested in products for weight loss and other antioxidants.

4. Products are really great and unique and not present in the retail market: People like health-based health organizations have other reasons because their products are not really unique and present in the retail market. 

Some antioxidant or aging products and even rejuvenation products are really good and they have a positive effect on their health.

5. Make Money by Referral Programme: Ultimately, people choose MLM programs from health and wellness organizations because you can buy products, use them, and promote them.

Statistics of health and wellness Product category in Direct Selling

Once you become a partner, you get a lot of offers for the products you buy. You will also earn money from Network Marketing Company while new members join under you.

Nowadays, What happens?

Nowadays pharmaceutical companies haven’t really been able to fill this void left by the departure of apothecaries. 

Because they tend to make healthcare products with formulas developed by their in-house pharmacist, nutritionists, and other experts. And these products are generally mass-produced.

This is where MLM companies come in. 

There are 20 Top Network Marketing companies that make health products and they are popular vitamin and supplement brands.

Generally, their health products are made with ancient formulas or use ingredients that modern-day pharma companies ignore due to high costs and other considerations.

Yet, People have little or big doubt about Allopathic Health Products that could prove Harmful to health. 

On the other hand, People have a strong belief in Traditional, Herbal, and Ayurvedic formulations.

This extent has given rise to the 20 Top MLM companies that make health wellness products.

Top 20 health and wellness network marketing companies

If you are looking for healthcare products that are not readily available in the market, want to try alternative therapies, or be an MLM partner to start your own business, here is my list of the Top 20 MLM Nutrition Companies.

Do you want to join any Direct Selling Companies That Make Health Products?

I have listed the Popular 20 Top MLM companies in the Health Wellness industry.

1. Shaklee

Shaklee is one of the oldest MLM companies in the Health Wellness Sector. They started their business in 1956 Officially in the USA.

Company owner, Dr. Shaklee first made multivitamins in the USA. This is the First Multivitamin in the USA. Then they Jump in Protein Products.

This American company mainly works with Nutrition Products and Weight Loss Products. Now, it has 71 Patents for its Research and Development.

2. Neolife

Neolife started out as GNLD International and is on the list of the third oldest MLM organization in the world that makes health products like the best supplements and vitamins. 

It was founded in 1958. Jerry Brassfield is the owner of this company. First, he works with other companies with a clear business mindset.

Then, He acquired the NeoLife brand and tied it up with his other companies, creating an international leading industry.

 They make a wide range of nutritional supplements based solely on organic products. Neolife allows its affiliates Partner to sell online.

3. Wachters

The Wachters is the world’s oldest MLM organization that makes health products since 1933. The Wachters Organic Sea Products are operated from California. Dr. Joseph Wachters first used this product which came from Organic Sea Veg.

This Health Wellness MLM Company specializes only in health products made from seaweed, plankton, and other marine ingredients.

They have healthy product-based marine ingredients for a variety of needs, from daily nutrition and supplements to specific treatment conditions.

4. Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife International is among the top 5 Direct Selling companies in the world. Herbalife is one of the best complementary brands. 

According to Statista Data, Here is the Graph of Herbalife’s net sales worldwide from 2013 to 2019.

Herbalife net sales worldwide from 2013 to 2019

This USA-based company has 100+ products for everyone. This company has expanded its business all over the world.

They contain nutritious supplements, herbal medicines for long treatment, weight loss solutions, vitamins, and much more.

Weight Management Products are very popular in Herbalife in 2019 Worldwide.

Herbalife net sales share worldwide in 2019 by product category

Herbalife works in most countries in the world with many Products. In India, Herbalife Nutrition Products are very popular as also his Business Plan.

5. Juice Plus

Juice Plus + is a multi-million dollar company and has been in business for almost 50 years. As its name suggests, Juice Plus is a healthy drink made from herbs and plant extracts.

In recent years, they have begun creating health supplements to help people fight various long-term lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

 It is one of the best complementary brands that makes health products and its staff is available worldwide.

6. Forever Living

American MLM Giant, Forever Living Products makes some great health products that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. 

Rex Maughan is the founder of this company. It was founded in 1978 in the United States.

This company most cases only focus on Aloe Vera Plant. They have their own Aloe Vera Plant Farm.

They contain a full range of nutritional supplements, including aloe vera-based products useful in a variety of treatment conditions, including capsules and syrups. 

Also, we know, Using Aloe vera juice or Gel Daily is very very beneficial for our skin. According to Wikipedia, The revenue of this company is 160 Corres USD in 2018.

They have distribution outlets for their business partners worldwide.

7. DXN

DXN is a Multi-Level Marketing Company. The origin of the company is Malaysia. It’s established in 1993.

 Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin, the Founder, started this company to share the benefits of Mushrooms on Human Health.

DXN specializes in medicines and healthcare products made with Ganoderma, an anecdotal part of the world. 

They also make various skincare and dental health products. DXN products are unique because they primarily use Ganoderma as their main ingredient.

These Direct Selling companies have 10 million registered distributors worldwide. Awesome.

8. Ariix

To get the best Weight Loss and Slimming Products, Arrrix is one of the best Companies. This is an American MLM company. 

Besides Weight Loss products, Company has various categories of Nutritional Supplement Products.

Basically, Arrix is very popular in America and European countries.

On the other hand, This Network Marketing Company rapidly spread in Asia with its Good Quality Health Products.

9. Nikken

Nikken welcomes MLM partners in more new countries and regions. They have an unbeatable range of health products, especially herbal nutrition and long-term herbal therapy.

Nikken was founded in 1975. This company commits, they are the 5 Piller of Wellness:

  • Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Family
  • Healthy Society
  • Healthy Finances

 They use Japanese form medicines to make Nikken brand health products. It is one of the growing network marketing companies in the world.

10. Organo Gold

You can start your day with a cup of nutritious coffee made by Organo Gold. The American MLM company makes most of its products with Ganoderma mushrooms, usually from East Asia.

On the other hand, they have beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. Anyone can get this Product from their Distributor all over the world.

In addition to a blend of coffee and milkshakes made with Ganoderma and other ingredients, Organo Gold makes a variety of health products through their Networker.

By the way, One of the Good news is, Orango Company collaborates with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. And, the Collaboration sold 100 Million +  copies of “Think and Grow Rich Book”.

Think and Grow rich book in ORGANO

11. Mannatech

Mannatech is one of the good Multi-Level Marketing companies in America. This company is directed by Texas and was founded in 1995. 

A wide range of health wellness products such as the best supplements and vitamins are available. Basically, they focus on Dietary and Personal Care Products.

However, Mannatech does not have any global Business. On the other hand, they have an online facility. 

You can try ordering their health supplements online. However, these will be served by their MLM affiliates.

12. Smart Value Products and Services Limited

Smart Value Products And Services Limited is one of the Best Leading Direct Selling company in India.

This company works in 5 sectors: 

  1. Advanced computer education.
  2. Health products.
  3. Lifestyle.
  4. Beauty products. 
  5. Agricultural products.

By the way, Today you are going to know about the Health Wellness and Personal Care Product of this company.

By the way, SVPS Ltd has its own Manufactured Plant, Named Lifespan Pvt Ltd which produces 400 + Products.

Lifespan pvt ltd

Their Top-selling Products are Noni Gold, Noni Premium, and Noni Kokum.

Manufactured Plant, Lifespan Pvt Ltd has got many awards and Recognition for their Good Quality Products and Leading Business.

13. Oriflame

Oriflame is a cosmetic MLM company that focuses on beauty products. The headquarters of this company is in Switzerland.

Oriflame is valued at more than 2 billion USD and has been in business for more than 54 years.

Oriflame does not provide regular health and wellness products such as drinks, shakes, tablets, etc. In other words, the products offered are not essentially cosmetic and safe-to-eat items.

But, The fact is, the price of the product of this company is too expensive, Normal people can’t afford this in daily life.

Some beauty products are night creams, multi-perfection eye treatments, skin care, face scrub, and other makeup products like eyeliner, nail paints, etc.

14. Amway

Amway was around 1959 and could easily be counted as one of the pioneers of the Direct Selling organization in the health products division. 

Amway is one of the most Popular Health Supplement companies in the World.

They have the best supplement company, operating worldwide, and have a great range of herbal and biological health supplements, and nutrition.

On the other hand, They Provided herbal medicines for the whole family. This company’s Herbals has worldwide activities.

15. Limu

Limu is one of the good health products making Companies. This company is a tie-up with Ariix.

They have a unique type of fruit drink. Basically, they made drinks from One type of Fucoidan seaweed and Tropical Fruit, also adding some other nutrients.

In other words, the Fucoidan-rich nutritional supplement of LIMU is a revolution of this company. This is the top-selling Product in the USA Market.

Who are sports, Gym lovers, and outdoor players, Limu’s products are the Best for them.

As we know, the Networking Marketing market has the highest demand for fruit-based Drinks and Health supplements.

16. Noni by NewAge

Noni by NewAge is actually a very exclusive MLM company that makes fruit drinks.

This is because they are the source of all the elements of the Polynesian country, Tahitian, especially fruits and plants.

In 1996, It launched a Multi-billion Dollar Industry Overnight.

It is the only company that uses Tahitian products.

Their mission is to help everyone to change their lives all over the world and experience the true love of Paradise.

17. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the good Indian MLM companies after SVPS Limited company.

In 2004, they started their journey with Health and Wellness Products.
Vestige has world-class Good Quality Products.

The maximum products of Vestige Came From in Capsule Form. In Fact, Nature’s gifted Noni Fruit produced it in Capsule form.

That is why Vestige Noni is not good in other Companies’ Fruit. Because Juice is much better than Capsules. 

However, you can read the comparison Between Smart Value Noni Juice vs Vestige Noni, which was already Published in Noni4all Blog.

After all, It is a good company for Health Wellness products in India.

18. 4Life

4Life is a health and nutrition company worth over 250 million dollars. The company is new in this field. Although it has got some great Health products to offer.

The major branded products are Transfer Factor Core Products and Targeted Transfer Factor.

Some of the Transfer Factor Core products are Transfer Factor Plus a powder mix to boost your immunity. Then there are RightStart Women for the daily supplement.

There are some more branded products like 4 Life Transform, Shaperite, Enami Personal Care, etc.

19. Nature’s Sunshine

Nature Sunshine’s Products is American Health and Wellness MLM company in the USA and will complete their 50 Years Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2 years.

The headquarters of this company is located in Lehi, United States. The valuation of the company is Approximately 400 Million USD.

NSP is made as a dietary supplement of various categories.

Nature’s Sunshine provides all kinds of products for health, energy, digestion, memory, weight management, cholesterol, stress, etc.

The best part of nature’s sunshine is that it offers more than a 30% discount on each product.

20. Take Shape for Life

Take Shape for Life is basically an organization that offers various weight loss programs. Generally, This organization provides some strategies and products for weight loss.

Some of the branded plans under Optavia are the Best Weight 5 and 1 plans that provide kits, bars, shakes, smoothies, drinks, etc.

The best part of this organization is, It provides Special Independent Health Coaches for every Client.

Take Shape of Life is a 200 million company that has been operating for over 18 years now.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What are the top 10 Health Wellness MLM companies?

    1. Shaklee
    2. Neolife
    3. Wachters
    4. Herbalife Nutrition
    5. Juice Plus
    6. Forever Living
    7. DXN
    8. Ariix
    9. Nikken
    10. Organo Gold

The Final Word

To sum up, These are the 20 Health-Based Top MLM companies and the world’s best nutrition company list. In other words, these companies are also aware of the Best Vitamin brands and best Health Supplement brands.

By the way, To use health Supplements, these top health and wellness MLM companies are very good. They have low price Products than other Companies.

Because a Direct selling company is not promoting its Products in Advertisements, it’s promoted by man-to-man References.

And also, you can get an opportunity to earn money by referring to the product.
That is why most people buy network marketing Products.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Are you an associate of any Network Marketing company?
if YES.
What is the name of your Company?

Let me know in the Comment Right Now.

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  1. I am an distributor in Shaklee vitamin, been taking them for years since my husband suffered 3 stokes, it’s been 15 years, by taking Shaklee vitamins, it has lowered his cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure.
    This is why we take Shaklee.

  2. I am a consultant for L’BRI Pure and Natural out of Wisconsin. It is Aloe based with no harmful chemicals. It is one of the few skin care products which is hydrophilic. It is a good quality and is affordable.

  3. Hi,
    I am an affiliate with a new company, LiveGood. We sell memberships and wholesale health and wellness products. Great earning potential. We ship worldwide.

  4. I am with Live Good working from home and doing very well. I was with Herbalife for many years struggling to make my yearly sales requirement to keep my 50% discount. With Live Good no autoship, No sales requirement, etc. Love it! Raul Fernandez /Facebook /Join Me !

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