Top MLM Earners in India 2024: Who’s Highest Earner?

Top MLM Earner

In this In-depth Article, I will show you the Top 10 MLM Earners in India.

Many Associate of Different different company wants to know, who is the top earner in network marketing in India.

The Multi-level marketing industry in India faces several up and down from Sarada and Rose Valley Scam.

By the way, from these Up and Downs, Industry successfully working in India. Indian Government released Direct Selling Guidelines to Monitor and analyze this company’s Business.

So, Now, Come to our topic of Top MLM Earner in India by quick lookup.

Sl. No Name Company
1. Sonu Sharma Naswiz Retails, Vestige Marketing Private Limited
2. Siddharth Singh Vestige Marketing Private Limited
3. Dr. Surekha Bhargawa Modicare Limited
4. Surya Sinha Forever Living Products
5. SP Bharil Vestige Marketing Private Limited
6. Deepak Bajaj Mi Lifestyle Marketing PVT LTD
7. Surendra Vats RCM
8. Biswanath Bhowmik Smart Value Products and Services Limited
9. Bikash Ghosh Smart Value Products and Services Limited
10. Harshvardhan Jain Mi Lifestyle Marketing PVT LTD

Top MLM Earners in India

Disclaimer: This post is based on internet research which may have some inconsistencies. We did not verify the Income Amount of the 10 highest earners in network marketing in India, which displays in this Post.

Disclosure: We did our best to create a Top MLM Earner List Post. We are not giving any specific ranking to the leaders and the mentioned leaders are the top earners from their respective organizations and top earners in network marketing in India.

1. Sonu Sharma

sonu sharma motivational speaker

Sonu Sharma is the Founder of Dynamic India Group, and an MLM Leader of Naswiz Retailer. He is a Top Earner in Naswiz. In 2019, Sonu Sharma changes his company into Vestige Marketing.

Sonu Sharma has more than 2 million subscribers on his youtube channel. He shares his Motivational and Training seminar video on his Channel. Before he left Naswiz and Joined Vestige, Sonu Sharma was the identity of Naswiz Retailer till 2019.

Sonu Sharma says, he left Naswiz for an internal Problem in the company. Sonu Sharma says in an interview with Mahatmaji Technical, Vestige offers him 200 Correr to join in 2019.

For the huge popularity of Sonu Sharma in Naswiz, Many People join Vestige who were become associates of Naswiz.

2. Siddharth Singh

Siddharth Singh started his network marketing career with his mother at the age of 21 in 1991. He failed to take a job and start his own audio cassette business before joining the Direct Selling industry.

For the financial crisis, Multi-level Marketing was the only option to recover from the Crisis Situation.

Siddharth Singh tried his best and in one year he got the result of hard work.

Siddharth Singh and Goutam Bali who is the founder of Nyastata started Vestige Marketing Private Limited in 2004.

Once a video on Youtube, Siddharth Singh has rewarded a check of 1.68 Crore from the director. He is the Highest Earing director of the Vestige.

3. Dr. Surekha Bhargava

Dr. Surekha Bhargava

Dr. Surekha Bhargava is the highest MLM and most popular Leader of Modicare Limited. Her Education Qualification is MPhil and Ph.D. After completing her traditional education, she married Dr. Arun Bhargava.

In 1999, Dr. Surekha joined MLM company, Modicare Limited. Besides her House Work, she started her Networking Business to live the dream life.

After actively working on network marketing, he began to climb the ladder of success.

In 2005, when her husband was paralyzed due to a cerebral hemorrhage, her passive income from the downline helped a lot.

At a Modicare seminar in 2013, Dr. Surekha Bhargava handed over a check for Rs 60 lakh from the company. Sulekha Bhargav Kalam has also written a book called Sir KALAM SIR KE SUCCESS-PATH.

She is not only the Highest earner in Modicare Limited, but also, she is called MLM Guru Ma in Modicare.

She dreamed of a prosperous life and later achieved her dream by joining the MLM industry in the late 90s. Now she is one of the very close leaders of Samir Modi, the founder of Modicare Limited.

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4. Surya Sinha

Now, come to the next Earner, is Surya Sinha. He is the top-earning MLM Leader in Forever Living Products

Surya Sinha joined MLM Business around the year 2012 and within a few years of joining, he became the top leader of Forever Living Products India

He overtakes other leaders who have been working on the same plan for more than a decade.

Surya Sinha is a human  Personality Coach, writer, and MLM Leader. Surya Sinha has published 15+ books and a few of them are on Network Marketing.

At the beginning of his career, he was working in the film industry in Mumbai. But due to some reason he faced a crisis and had to leave his work. 

Then Surya Sinha started Forever, a Network Marketing Business, in Delhi.

He actively spends charity as well.

5. SP Bharil

SP Bharill is a Motivational Speaker and one of the highest MLM Earners and leaders of Vestige.

SP Bharill started his Network Marketing Journey in Amway India but, due to lack of Satisfaction, he quiets Amway. And, he joined the Indian Network Marketing Company with Generation Plan, Vestige Marketing.

SP Bharill is one of the Good MLM Leaders, a Personality Trainer, and a person who believes in Spirituality. Also, he is the author of a book, 18 Chapters

6. Deepak Bajaj

deepak bajaj

Deepak Bajaj is a Motivation Speaker, Life coach, and also be MBA Graduated. He is standing as the top MLM earner in Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited.

 First, He was working in a Top listed MNC. Then he left his job and start his journey in Network Marketing Industry full-time. He spends 11 years in this industry.

According to our research, Deepak Bajaj’s net worth is approx 7 to 10 Lakh + per month.

According to his experience, he writes a book, “Be a Network Marketing Millionaire” and published it in 2018.

He runs a Youtube Channel with 5 lakh+ Subscribers and he is also featured in Josh Talk in 2020.

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7. Surendra Vats

Surendra Vats is also the top highest network marketing leader in the industry. 

He completed his education degree B.ed and MA. He has a get Private School job for just 500 INR salary. Then started a cable operator business in 1996. In 2001, He views an RCM Plan with the help of his friend and joined it.

Surendra Vats achieved a Diamond Pin in RCM, he is known as Real Diamond in his company.

Surendra Vats trained Thousand Thousands of People in his Journey and he became a Millionaire.

In addition, he starts a Youtube Chanel, named “Chat With Surendra Vats” where he interviews many successful people and conversations about their Sucess Journey.

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8. Biswanath Bhowmik

Biswanath Bhowmik is the Dynamic and Top High Earning leader of Smart Value.

In the early days, He is the manager of the National Bank with a Good Salary, Promotion, and Normal Life. He realizes, How is Normal Life.

Can I Improve it? Then he comes in Smart Value.

He realizes, What Happen in the Future? How much difficult?

He joins Smart Value in a difficult situation. But he did not give up Because, He knows, Who can realize the difficulty and cross this Difficulty, will succeed in Life.

He left his job and go with Smart Value Products and Services Limited.

For these reasons, 

  • Career for all. It means, every normal people can get a secure Career.
  • Good Income
  • Health Conscious
  • Financial Security for all

Now, His life is totally Different from a Bank Manager to Network Marketing Millionaire.

Nowadays, In 2022, He and His family enjoying a Rich class life with the Help Smart Value.

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9. Bikash Ghosh

Bikash ghosh smart value

Mr. Bikash Ghosh started Network Marketing Business with his Brother, Biswajit Ghosh in Smart Value Products and Services Limited.

Nowadays, Bikash Ghosh and Biswajit Ghosh are the Top Earners in this company after their struggle Period in their Journey.

They belong to a poor middle-class family whose father driven Riksha on the road of Dum Dum. But, now they are the Millionaire of this company with their lots of hard work and passion.

In the first 4-5 years, they have not achieved any Rewards and Recognition. But, they do not give up, they continually work in smart value with lots of Passion, Vision, and Hardwork. Because, they know, How Powerful is Compounding Science.

After 5 Years, they got their first Pin, “Super Smart” from the Company. When they got the first Pin, then their whole life is changed. Their Team grows very fast like an Explosion of Bombs.

In 2018, they achieved the “Diamond” pin in a few years. Which is the most eye-catching pin in the whole Industry.

In a few times, they achieve Royal car-like DC Avanti, Porsche, Harley Davidson, and many more.

Nowadays, they are the Top Leader in Smart Value. And also listed their name in the ‘top earner in network marketing in India‘ list.

A Real Story of Poor to Rich.

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10. Harsvardhan Jain

Harshvardhan Jain is a Successful Great MLM Leader in India. He is a well-known Trainer, speaker, Motivational Speaker, Thinker, and Leader.

He is in working in Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited and become the top earner in this company.

He is a backbencher type of person in his college Life. In college life, he joins an American Network Marketing Company in 2000. But, he left this company due to the loss of the Company in India. And company shut down its Business in 2005. 

Then, Harshvardhan Jain again Join Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited. He continuously works there with Patience and Passion. He says in “Chat With Sunder Vat”, He always respects his Upline and listens, What his Senior says.

Today, Harshvardan Jain is the top highest earner in his company, as well as Network Marketing Industry.

In addition, He has 1.4 Million+ subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Who is the top MLM earner in India?

    1. Sonu‌ ‌Sharma‌ ‌
    2. Siddharth Singh
    3. Dr. Surekha Bhargava
    4. Surya Sinha
    5. SP Bharil
    6. Deepak Bajaj
    7. Surendra Vats
    8. Biswanath Bhowmik
    9. Bikash Ghosh
    10. Harshvardhan Jain

  2. What are the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India?

    1. Smart Value Products and Services Limited
    2. Modicare Limited
    3. Amway India
    4. Vestige Marketing Private Limited
    5. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd
    6. Oriflame
    7. Herbalife Nutrition
    8. Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)
    9. Avon
    10. Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited

  3. Is Network Marketing or MLM legal in India?

    Yes. Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing Legal in India.

  4. How do I become a millionaire network marketer?

    To Become a Millionaire From Network Marketing, First, you need to choose a good company. Then, you have to strictly follow the guideline of Network Marketing and Work Consistency with your Hardwork and Smart Work and maybe, you will be Millinery, if your works value by others.

  5. Which network marketing company has the most millionaires?

    Amway has the most Millionaire in Network Marketing Industry.


I hope, this list Post on Top MLM Earner in India is helpful and knowledgeable for you. And got an authentic answer to your Query on the “Top 10 Highest Earning Network Marketer”.

Now, I’d like to know you:

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