The Dirty Truth About The Multivitamin Industry (With Solution 2021)

Truth about Multivitamin Industry
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This is a complete Guide on the Multivitamin Industry and the Dirty Truth.


As we all know, How Important Multivitamins and Minerals for our Body?

That is why most people are using Vitamin Supplement.

  • Does Multivitamin Supplement really work?
  • Could it be Dangerous?

If YES. Now, How to Identify the Best Multivitamin?

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Multivitamin is a giant industry of 36 billion dollar industries in the USA.

Multivitamin in USA
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AND, Here is the Multivitamin Industry Statistics.

multivitaminn uses
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The graph is increase day by day.

From a report, 1 out of 3 Americans takes this supplement per day. And, the trend is shifted in India, most Indians are taking multivitamins Pill.

But, now, there are a few myths…

Do These Pills Really Work?



That depends on this Product.

In the market, almost 90% of the multivitamin pill does not work properly. It means It would not get Properly absorb in the body.

This is because, Maximum, Supplement Company do not show these 3 Point in the Pack.

  1. From where these Multivitamins extracted?
  2. Is it extracted from real food or made in Lab?
  3. Is it Natural or Synthetic?

Most people have no idea.

If you go through the Ingredients list of this Product, you would find the Chemical Names as its Simple Ingredients. Surely, Minerals and vitamins can be extracted from Petroleum products.

multivitamine ingridients source
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And, also these are made from Animal’s Fossil.

Supplement from fossil
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Why Do Most People Face Nutritional Deficiencies?

Probably, that is why most people even after regularly buying these Pills face nutrient deficiency.

Reguler user face nutrition differency
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In fact, research has shown the regular use of such supplements can rather cause damage to the body.


Do you know, What is the main problem here?


FDA does not regulate what goes inside these Vitamins.

FDA dose not regulate these Multivitamine
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You will be shocked. The companies do not give any proves of this Product, for Safety and Effectiveness.

Compant need not prove the safety
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Due to such Peak Regulations brand has taken undue advantage and so numerous cases of fake products, Poor quality products come to market.

It is found that 83% of fish oil goes in bad condition in the market before it packed.

So those claims of the goodness of Omega-3 Fatty Acid seem far-fetched.

2 Things Before Buying Multivitamin

Now, you will be thinking, All Multi-vitamins are a waste of money. Should we stay away from this Supplement?

Not Really.

However, you should keep this point in mind.

  • Do not Take this casually. If, Doctor Prescribe you to take this, Then Take it.
  • Buy this supplement which mentions the food source of all Ingredients.

Multivitamin In Ayurveda

Now, Let’s read about the Multi-vitamin in Ayurveda.

Multivitamin In Ayurveda
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You might be surprised to know that fulfilling nutrition through Pills, Is not a New Concept.

Ayurveda is Full of Powerful Formulation Carefully make in the form of Pills. It’s Prove that Ayurveda has a Smart backup plan when this pill does not give Proper Nutritional value in the Body.

Best Ayurvedic Multivitamin Supplement

Basically, we listed only 2 Ayurvedic Multivitamin, here. In the future, we definitely listed the BEST.

1. Nourish Protein Powder

Nourish Multivitamin
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The first best Ayurvedic multivitamin is Nourish Multivitamin.

Multivitamins can provide many of these vitamins and minerals – but they vary in form and quantity. Nourish multivitamins may also contain other ingredients such as herbs, amino acids, and fatty acids.


  • Nourish multivitamin prevents deficiency of essential nutrients.
  •  It reduces heart disease risk.
  •  In addition, it improves bone health.
  • This supplement is very important for the immune system of the human body.

By the way, friend We already write a complete post about Nourish Multivitamin. You can check out.

2. Navratna Rasa

One Such tablet is Navratna Rasa as it’s Sanskrit Names suggest that.

It is prepared from the extract of Precious Gems.

  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Red Coral
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Cateye
  • Hersonite

Each Gem serves as a Pacific purpose. It involves an elaborate process of Purification as mentioned in the text which takes days to get the edible form of these Gems.


Generally, it is in the form of Pasmo. It s then Gold Plated which Form this Navratandras tablet when made under proper Ayurvedic norms.


Among all, you can say, It is the 2nd best solution for general weakness and bone degeneration.

These Pills are very effective for numerous health problems. In other words, It is fully rich in Nutrition or it’s highly absorbable form achieved through an elaborate process.


It is capable of putting most modern multivitamins to the body.

The traditional process of making this Tablet so easy to absorb in the body.



The fact is a 3-year boy or even a 90-year old man is get the all benefits of Multivitamin.


It always takes with Milk, Morning or evening for and 3 months.

And then, stop that’s enough to grab these benefits.



Navratan Rasa only to be avoided by

  • People Suffering Stone in Kidney
  • People whos have a stone in Gallbladder

In conclusion, we need not discard all the Supplement Truth. Don’t worry about Gender. Men and women both can use this.


Foremost, we should strive to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

However, somehow we are not able to fulfill the needs and face a nutritional deficiency.


So, that is why we should keep notice the ingredients of Multivitamin

Final Word

In conlcusion, here is the complte information about Multivitamin Industry. We hope, you will understand the dirty truth of this.


On the other hand, you will get the 2 Best Auyrvedic Supplement.

Now, we want to know from you:

  • Do you Use This Supplement?

if YES.

  • Which Brand?

Let us know in a comment.

At last, Kindly share this article to your friend who takes supplement.

Disclaimer: This Health Tips or Guide are Written by our Expert Team. For any Emergency or Critical Condition, Contact your Nearest Doctor.

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