Vestige Marketing Business Plan (Honest Review in 2024)

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Do you want to join the Indian Direct Selling Company to work from home? Vestige is the best option out there as far as low-cost Joining Fees among all Direct Selling companies. 

You have to buy Products from Vestige at least worth Rs. 1100 to join and activate your ID.

It goes beyond its Health, Wellness, and Personal Care Products for more than 15 Years. And, as a result, they made 3500 sales outlets in India

In short, Vestige Marketing Private Limited, or myvestige is one of the best Indian Direct Selling companies which started in 2004. As we already know, There are 457 Legal Direct Selling Company Registered with the Indian Government, where Vestige is shining like a Sun.

In this in-depth blog post, I am gonna show you the complete information about Vestige Marketing Private Limited.

Here, you’ll know:

  • What is Vestige
  • Is Vestige Scam
  • Are Vestige Products Very Low Quality
  • Method to make money from Vestige
  • Lot’s More

Let’s get started.

What is Vestige Marketing Private Limited?

Vestige Marketing Private Limited is a Multi-Level-Marketing founded by Mr. Gautam Bali in 2004. Vestige sells health and wellness, Ayurvedic, and Personal Care products in 7 countries.

For two decades, Vestige has become one of the largest direct-selling companies in India and is competing the tough Competition with Smart Value, Modicare, and Amway. It is considering expanding its products for a worldwide spread, perhaps the largest market share. 

Moreover, they are also giving normal people an opportunity to earn money from vestige by promoting and selling their products.

By the way, Maybe you have already listened to this line, ‘Work From Home’, ‘Earn Money From Home’, ‘Join Vestige’, from someone. Basically, He or she wants you to join them in Vestige.  

For this unethical or irrelevant conversation, Many People have much doubt about vestige. 

Don’t worry, I will surely clear your Doubt.

History of Vestige

In 2004, Vestige Marketing Private Limited started its business in India. Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, and Deepak Sood are 3 directors who honestly and ethically work to grow this company.

First, Vestige has limited products. But, from Time to time, slowly vestige made a huge list of their Products. Nowadays, Vestige has Health wellness care Products to Personal care Products. You can also see the Vestige Products list on this website.

Though Mr. Gautam Bali is also working for many other companies, he is sincerely working here as a Managing Director. Which help Vestige to rank 36th in the DSN Global 100 list in 2022.

Vestige Marketing Company Profile

Company NameVestige Marketing Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN NoU51909DL2004PTC126738
Established Date2004
Founder and DirectorGautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh and Deepak Sood
ProductsHealth Care, Home Care, Agriculture, Personal Care
Head OfficeNew Delhi, India

Legal Documents

1. Certificate of Incorporation

2. FSSAI License

Note: The official website of the company is Here we have shared the Information and documents of the company for information and Education purposes only which will prove the Authenticity of the company.

Mission and Vision of Vestige

Mission Vision
Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd’s performance is very good in India, they are rapidly scaling their Business. According to vestige’s words, its Mission is, ‘To grow to a global scale and become the benchmark in direct selling”. Vestige wants to make people self-made Financial Independence. According to Vestige, “To help people live a life of economic independence on their own terms”.

How does Vestige Work?

Basically, Vestige sells Health wellness products to people in the form of Tables, Creams, and Liquids. Not only do these kinds of Products Vestige sell and work on only product selling, but also they give a business opportunity to their consumer (and also the average Person) to earn by referring and selling their Product.

In short, Only you need to buy products from Vestige at Distributer Price and sell at a higher retail price to get Retailing profit.

It certainly looks like a win at first glance.

Revenue Growth Of Vestige Marketing

$127 million$194 million$302 million$312 million$269 million

Vestige Products

It’s very important to know Vestige Products before joining and working with Vestige Marketing Private Limited.

Already I have shared the Vestige Products list, you can see there to check, Are the Vestige Products really beneficial to your use, and whether Are you comfortable selling these products?

It gives you better insight than what you are actually selling, especially since your chances of success in the Direct Selling Industry are a bit slim.

These are the type of Vestige Products that I have shown below:

  • Ayurvedic 
  • Health Care/ Food 
  • Oral Care 
  • Men’s range 
  • Consumable 
  • Personal Care 
  • Home Hygiene 
  • Agriculture
  • Essentials 

Though, we know the product of any Network Marketing is overpriced. But, the Price of Vestige Products is not too much expensive like Tupperware. The range of the price is similar to Smart Value.

Sounds Good and Unique?

Take a Deep Breath and think…

Here are some popular posts regarding Vestige Products:

Can you make money with Vestige?

Definitely, You can make money from Vestige Marketing. 

I was thinking why you scroll down this page after seeing this Normal Question, I have already shared How you can Make Money From Network Marketing.

Maybe, you did not dig deep into this Article. 

By the way, Making a good amount of money from Vestige is a little bit difficult.

There are some people who cannot earn a few thousand rupees or some people can earn Thousands to Lakhs. It fully depends on every individual how they dedicatedly work hard to earn money. Because Nothing is possible without hard work.

How to Join Vestige?

Before taking the Joining form, I will recommend you check the Criteria for Joining. Are you really eligible to join Vestige or Not?

Check below.

  • Your age must be 18 or 18+.
  • You have legal Government Registered Identity Proof (PAN Card, Voter ID card, Adhar Card).
  • To join India, You are a citizen of India
  • You have Bank Account.

How much does it cost to join Vestige?

According to their official website and their Direct Seller, It is Free to join their Company.

Yes, Buddy. Every MLM company has Free Joining Cost.

But, The Fact is before filling out their Joining Form, You have to buy some products from the company.

 In the case of Vestige, You have to buy a Product for Rs.1100. Then you are applicable to join the company.

It’s too cheap for an MLM, isn’t it? Well, that makes the company Vestige Marketing Private Limited  Different and Unique.

But also store in your mind that MLMs are persuaded people to join them and make a downline as soon as possible.

Because The majority of income comes from Recruiting People.

How to Earn Money From Vestige marketing Business Plan?

According to the Guideline of the Direct Selling Industry, There is only 2 Major work to earn from a Network Marketing Company, either of its Vestige or any other company.

  1. Product Selling 
  2. Recruitment

1. Product Selling: In this case, You will buy Products From Vestige Company as Direct Seller. That is why You get these Products in Distributer Price, not in MRP, and then you will be able to sell these products at whatever price you want Under the M.R.P cap. By doing it, you get a margin profit.

2. Recruitment: In this case, You need to join other people with you. It means, When you sell the Vestige Joining Product Kit to others, you have to chance to join them. If the Person Joined your Downline, You made a Team. Not only one person, but also, whatever you want. The fun thing is, Whenever your Downline purchases a product, You will get also get a Commission. 

Vestige Income Plan

Using the Product Selling and Recruitment Method, There are 10 ways to get Income from Vestige.

The Following are:

Saving On Consumption10 – 20%
Accumulative Performance Bonus5 – 11%
Bronze Director Bonus4%
Team Building Fund14%
Business Building 2%
Leadership Overriding Bonus16%
Car Fund3%
House Fund5%
Travel Fund3%
Elite Club Bonus2%

Here is a handy guide that you can refer to know more about Vestige Business and Income Plan:

Awards and Records of Vestige Marketing 

Vestige Marketing Private Limited has Got many National and International Awards and Recognition.

Some Following are:

1. Global 100 Awards

DSN Global 100 Awards

2. Great Place to Work Certified

Great Place to Work Certified

3. National Best Employer Brand 2020

National Best Employer Brand 2020

4. Global HR Excellence Awards

Global HR Excellence Awards

5. National Best Employer Brand 2018

National Best Employer Brand 2018

Pros and Cons of Vestige Business

The background and Management of the Company are Very Good.  Approx 0.04% Success rate like other Network Marketing Companies
All Products are Innovative, High Quality, and GMP and Halal certified. Obviously, the Products are good but it is overpriced. 
They are used Generation Plan which is a very powerful plan to make money for a long time securely. Some Negativity among Indians on MLM, Scheme for Sarada Scam.
Joining Fees is Low. Though Joining Package is low, You have to buy some overpriced products.
Leaders and Training System is incredible. For Newly Joined members, It is very too difficult to earn in this High Competition Market.

Is Vestige a pyramid scheme?

No, Vestige Marketing is not a pyramid scheme.

Distributors earn commissions while they promote and sell the Company’s Products. But, if anyone wants to get a higher commission from product selling, then they need to recruit people into their Downline.  


  1. Is vestige an Indian company?

    Yes. Vestige Marketing Private Limited is an Indian company that started in 2004 In India.

  2. Is Vestige a pyramid scheme?

    Nope. Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is not a Pyramid Scheme. It works in Direct Selling Method. When Distributor sells the Products to consumers and Joined other people into their Downline by selling the Joining Kit, they will get a commission per sale.

  3. Who is the owner of Vestige?

    Basically, 3 directors Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, and Deepak Sood are maintaining and running Vestige.

  4. Is vestige banned in India?

    No. Vestige Marketing Private Limited is one of the Best Legal Direct Selling companies in India and runs its Business Legally In India.

  5. What app to do direct selling in vestige company?

    Vestige Online Shopping App and Vestige POS help to do Direct Selling Business in Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

  6. How many months vestige account active without purchase?

    There is a need to Purchase a Product every Month to an active Account. Once you registered in Vestige, You will get Lifetime access to it.

  7. Where the registered Vestige Company is Located in India?

    Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Registered Corporate office located in A-89, Okhla Industrial Area Phase II, New Delhi 110 020


I hope, this in-depth article is helpful to you and has fulfilled your need for whatever you want to know about Vestige Marketing Private Limited Company.

Now, It is your choice Do you want to Join Vestige or Not?

Here is no force that you have to work in Network Marketing and Join Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

I am only just showing the details of Vestige Company. I am not forced to work and join the company.

Now, I’d like to know you:

Which thing do you like most in this company and Which do not?

Let me know in the comment Right Now.

Vestige Marketing Business Rating

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      Hey I am very happy to inform yes vestige has been started in Phillipines so spread your wings our and you can start vestige. You can check all the DCC (distributor consulting centre) on vestige official website.

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