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Vestige Product Catalogue

Vestige is a non-IDSA and FDSA Registered Legal Direct Selling Company in India. It is also known as a MyVestige and Vestige Marketing Private Limited

Vestige is one of the best Health Wellness MLM Company and the hardest competitors are Smart Value, Amway. 

I already write an article about a Health Product of Vestige. Basically, in the article, I compared a vestige Health Drinks, Vestige Noni, and Smart Value Noni Juice.

In this post, I will share with you some information about Vestige Marketing Private Limited company and its business style within some Lines.

And, Later, I’ll show you the Download Button to Download the Vestige Product Catalogue.

Vestige Company Profile

Company NameVestige Marketing Private Limited
Established Date02, June 2004
DirectorKanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood, Gautam Bali
Head OfficeSouth Delhi, India
ProductsHealth Care, Personal Care, Home Appliance, Agriculture

Vestige Business Plan

Every Network Marketing Company has a different Marketing Plan like, Binary, Generation, for growing business.

Similarly, Vestige uses Generation Plan to market their Product.

According to the Vestige Business Plan, you have to buy a minimum of 30 PV, i.e. Rs. 1000 as per the Network Marketing Rules. With this, you become a direct seller of Vestige, also known as Vestige Associate or Distributor.

Now, When you are the Direct Seller of Vestige, you have to do 2 major things to earn money from Network Marketing Business.

1. Recruitment

To earn a huge amount of money and passive income, Recruitment is the only Process. As a Direct seller, when you refer Vestige Products Joining combo to your friend or someone, and if your friend buys this Joining Combo, you will get a commission. 

In fact, your friend will stand in your downline. The fun thing is, When your friend will sell a Product or join someone, you will also get a Commission.

When this System will be on Automation Mode, You will also earn money when you are sleeping at night. That’s Called Passive Income

You work or not work, You will get money.

2. Products Selling

If a Vestige Direct seller sells any type of products, such as Agriculture, Home Care, Health Wellness, or any other things, Seller will get retail Profit. 

In Simple Language,

You will get Toothpaste from the company is 60 Rupees and the M.R.P of this Products is 75 Rupees. So, when you sell this in Products Price Tag, your retail Profit is 15 Ruppess.

Retail Profit = Product MRP – Commodity price for supplier

Vestige Product Catalogue

The product catalog describes the newly launched products, which includes all the products and all the products mentioned in the Vestige products price list.

The Vestige product catalog can be used for Marketing Purposes. This Business Tool helps Direct Sell to attract customers by displaying products with accurate seller details.

So, Click on the button below to download the Product Catalogue PDF.


So, I hope this post is helpful and you are able to download the PDF of the Vestige Product Catalogue.

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