Travel MLM Scam Or Opportunity?


Be ( is a Tech Service-Based MLM company that presents itself as an ecosystem of many useful apps.

Foundation of  Be

Moyn Islam is the President and CEO of, along with two co-founders, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam. The company was started in a name of in 2020.

Berules  Services

Quest Trivia iRide Latent Pay Quantum Shift Mind Hub Sense Wow

Berules subscription plan

1. Live 2. Learn 3. Elite

Berules Compensation Plan

1. Fast Start Bonus 2. 2 for Free 3. Team Weekly Bonus 4. Star Rank 5. Unilevel Matching Bonus 6. Generation Matching Bonus 7. Monthly Expense Plan (MEP)

Joining Of  Berules

The joining fee of the Berules is around $45 which also depends on the country.