About Color Street Company

Color Street is a New Jersey-based multi-level marketing beauty company that sells nail polish and nail art designs. Fa Park founded Color Street MLM Company in 2017.

History of Color Street Company

Basically, the idea is started in 1988. Suddenly, Fa Park sees a woman struggling to paint her nails on a moving bus. Then, he began experimenting with making it easier to use nail polish on paper.

Color Street Product

Color Street nail polish strip item is available in a variety of styles such as solid colors, nail art, holiday style, patterns, glitter style, French manicure, pedicure strips and more.

Color Street Compensation Plan

1. Jump Start Bonus 2. Base retail commission 3. Enhanced retail commission 4. Enroller matching Jump Start Bonus 5. Enroller bonus 6. Leadership Level Bonus 7. Leadership Depth Bonus 8. Team Bonus 9. Generation Bonus 10. Car/Lifestyle Bonus

Joining Color Street MLM 

There are 2 options to join Color Street as an Independent Stylist. 1. Starter Kit ($129 ) 2. Jumpstart Program

Is Color Street A Scam?

No, Color Street MLM is not a scam. You can make money from Color Street and they provide legitimate products that many people want.

Is Color Street A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Color Street is not a pyramid scheme. Color Street is a legal MLM company in the United States.