What Is Elomir?

Elomir is a product-based MLM company that sells Nutritional Supplement Products.

Foundation of Elomir 

Toan Nguyen and Van Nguyen founded Elomir in 2021 in texas, United States.

Joining Fees of Elomir

To join the company, you need to buy an enrollment pack named Axis Klarity, costing $250.

Elomir Products

There is only one product of the company called Axis Klarity. This product boosts mood, stimulates the mind, and promotes gut health.

Elomir Compensation Plan

1. Retail Bonus: 35% 2. Fast Start Bonus: 5-20% 3. Generational Team Bonus: up to $104000 4. Rank Achievement Bonus: up to $80000 5. 3X Bonus: up to $2400

Is Elomir a Pyramid scheme?

Yes, According to my analysis, after checking all the claims and details of the company, I consider Elomir to be Pyramid Scheme.