Is Enagic Company & Kangen Water Not Good?

About Enagic Co. Ltd.

Enagic Company Limited is a Japanese-based MLM Company that manufactures and sells a type of thi-purifier that converts ordinary water into alkaline water. 

Foundation of Enagic

Hironari Ohshiro is the Founder and CEO of Enagic Company Limited.

Countries where Enagic Company is working;

– Japan – Russia – Singapore – Indonesia – Thailand – Mongolia – Brazil – Hong Kong – France – US – Canada

Enagic Co. Ltd. Products

1. Kangen Water Machine 2. Enagic Supplies

Benefits of Alkaline Water

– Anti-aging or antioxidant propertie – Good Skin – Hydration – For a good immune system – Detoxifying propertie – Weight lo – Anti-cancer propertie

Enagic Compensation Plan