eXp Realty Review: Real Estate Brokerage or  MLM Scam?

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Written by Somraj Mondal

In this story, you are going to know about what exactly eXp Realty is...

What is eXp Realty?

eXp Realty says they make it easy for their clients to find and buy a home. Its provide provide unique services like commercial brokers, relocation specialists.

Who is the Founder of eXp Realty?

Glenn Sanford is the founder, chairman and CEO of eXp Realty, started in 2009.

eXp Realty Joining Process

To become an eXp Realty agent, the joining fee is $149, and a monthly cloud brokerage fee of $ 85.

eXp Realty Products & Service

Basically, eXp Realty does not own its Own Products. It is a Marketplace for Selling and Buying Real Estate Property.

eXp Realty Compensation Plan

1. 80/20 Rule eXp Realty pays 80% commission directly to the trading agent. The remaining 20% is kept by eXp reality, some of which is used to pay commissions to upline agents.

2. Downline Sales Commission   Individually hired agents are considered under Tier 1, which is Downline Level 1. When Tier 1 agents hire new agents, they are counted in 2 levels.

What is FLQA?

FLQA is a frontline qualifying agent who is active and has sold at least 1 in the last 6 months.

Controversies of eXp Realty

In early 2019, the California Department of Real Estate (CDRE) filed a lawsuit against eXp Realty for violating state regulations.

Should I Join eXp Realty?

eXp Realty is for professional agents and brokers. So agents can better understand their location and take calls.