Opportunity or Another MLM Scam

About Faberlic USA

Faberlic is A MLM company that sells fragrance and cosmetic products all over the world. It has the tagline of "Be Your Best", Faberlic deals in personal care products.

Foundation of Faberlic

Alexey Nechaev is the founder and president of Faberlic in 1997. First, the company name was Russian Line, then renamed Faberlic.

Joining Faberlic USA

 The average value of 1 point is about $1.60. When you earn 50 points as a distributor, the product discount increases to 26%.

Faberlic Product

– Skincare – Makeup – Perfume – Fashion – Hair care – Home Care – Health Wellness

Faberlic Compensation Plan

1. Retail Commission 2. Performance Commission 3. Director Bonus – Qualification Bonus 4. Development Bonus 5. Other Incentives Income

Is Faberlic A Pyramid Scheme?