Shocking Facts about Mary Kay (Ash) 


Born May 12, 1918, in Hot Wales, Texas, to see his mother working 14-hours a day, he and his father were both very ill.


With her visionary attitude, she opened Beauty by Mary K in 1963 - the first company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women, both internally and externally. Although her savings were only $ 5,000, with the help of her son Richard for expenses.


Mary Kay company has 3.5 million independent beauty consultants, 39,000 independent sales directors, and 600 independent national sales directors.


 Her husband died of cancer in 1980, prompting her to establish a charitable foundation in 1996, supporting cancer research that affects women.


She founded the Mary K. Ash Charitable Foundation in 1996, a non-profit foundation that supports cancer research for cancers that affect women. It expanded its efforts to help fight violence against women in 2000.


 She authored three best-selling books, her autobiography "Mary K: You Can Have It All", and "Mary K on People Management".


Mary Kay Cosmetic Company produces more than 200 premium products.


Mary Kay spends millions of dollars and conducts tests on her products in a given year to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness.


Mary Kay has been sold in more than 35 world markets, the first international marketing started in 1971 in Australia.


On November 22, 2001,  Mary Kay Ash died in Dallas, Texas.