Employee to Millionaire : Meet Mr. Gautam Bali, Founder of Vestige Markting

Ever wonder how Mr, Gautam Bali rose to Businessman fame?  Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Gautam Bali Early Life

Gautam was smart and intelligent from his childhood. His family wanted him to become an engineer or a doctor but, fortunately, or unfortunately, he was interested in business from an early age. 

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Starting Of Career

After completing his studies, Gautam Bali moved to Delhi and worked in a German Company for 12 years.

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First time Join MLM

Gautam Bali joined Modicare as head of national sales. 

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Gautam Bali Founded Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd his two friends, Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh and Mr. Deepok Sood.

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Managing Director

Mr. Gautam Bali Become a Managing Director of Vestige. Under Gautam Bali and his leadership, Vestige Company is growing like a flare of fire every year.


between 50 lakhs – 1 crore per month

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Gautam Bali’s Company

Gautam Bali is also the Director of 21 other companies.

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Thoughts Of Gautam Bali

For your Freedom For your Success For a Life as you wish

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