What Is Govvi?

Govvi is a product-based direct-selling company that deals in fuel-efficient tablets. It is based in Utah, United States. 

Founder  of Govvi

Lance Conrad is the Founder and CEO of Govvi. 

Joining Fees of Govvi

– Starter Pack – $24.99 Family Pack – $49.99 Business Pack – $99.99

Govvi Products

Govvi deals in a single product known as Fuel Boosting Tablets. 1 pack – $35 3 packs – $65 7 packs – $130

Govvi Compensation Plan

1. Customer Reward 2. First Order Reward 3. Two team Reward 4. Sponsoring Matching Reward 5. Generation Matching Reward 6. Global Bonus Reward 7. Govvi Life Reward

Is Govvi a Pyramid scheme?

Probably Yes,  Govvi is a pyramid scheme.