MLM Scam? 

What is iGenius?

iGenius is one type of MLM Company that claims to provide a Finance ecosystem that includes financial tools and technology, research, and services. The Parent company of iGenius is Investview.

Foundation of iGenius

The headquarters of the iGenius is located in Northern Ireland and Now, Chad Garner is running the company.


Rod Earl (VP of Technology) Christian Crabtree (Senior Director of Sales) Cade Miller (Sales Operations Manager) Austin Smith (Director of Product) Catherine Terry (Graphic Designer)

Opportunity of iGenius

1. MONEYpro 2. CRYPTOcore 3. University 4. FOREXthrive 5. LEARNlive 6. EQUITYprime

Joining IGenius Company

1. Choice: $99.99 2. Select: $299.99 3. Premium: $599.99 4. Elite: $1499.99

iGenius Bonus Income

1. Fast Start Bonus 2. Generational Match Bonus 3. Rapid Fire Bonus 4. Top-Up Bonus 5. X4 Bonus  6. X8 Bonus