Avon MLM Review

What Is Avon?

Avon is an MLM company that sells makeup and beauty products. David McConnell founded the Avon MLM Company in 1886 and is one of the most well-known MLM companies.

Foundation of Avon

David McConnell founded Avon MLM Company in 1886 and the Current CEO of the Company is Angela Cretu (Jan 2020).

Avon Products

– Makeup – Fragrance – Jewelry – Skincare – Bath and Body – Health Wellne

Joining Cost of Avon MLM Company

Avon has a starter kit. It starts at $50 per month and goes up to $200 per month for certain "ranks".

Avon Compensation Plan

1. Retail Commission (20%-50%) 2. Qualified new recruits ($20 bonus if they spend $150 in their first 2 months) 3. Sponsoring (3% bonus on new recruit sales) 4. Promotion (as you move up the ranks) 5. Mentor (as you move up the ranks) 6. Generation Bonus (You get a bonus on 70% of your team’s sales) 7. Leader Bonuses (bonuses on sales to “leaders” in your downline)

Is Avon MLM A Scam?

No, Avon is not a scam. When you sell Avon products, you earn money. You have to work hard to earn money. And usually, the way they make a lot of money from Avon is through aggressive recruiting.

Is Avon A Good Skincare Brand?

Avon is a good skincare brand. Avon Proteinol Technology received Silver in the Advanced Skincare category presented by Edison Awards.