Is Herbalife Nutrition Good Company?

What Is Herbalife Nutrition?

Herbalife Nutrition is an international Direct Selling company whose most sells health and weight management products. Being a Multi-level Marketing company, Herbalife Nutrition permits everyone to join the company as a distributor.

Who was Founded Herbalife Nutrition?

Mark Hughes founded Herbalife Nutrition in 1980 in California, United States.

Joining of Herbalife

To start Herbalife Business, You have to invest at least 59 Dollars. It is means, you have Herbalife products that are worth 59 Dollars. Then, You can start this business as a Herbalife Distributor.

Herbalife Nutrition Products

These are the 4 Categories Products in Herbalife Nutrition; Vritilife – Weight Management – Energy Fitne – Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition Income Plan

1. Retail Profit 2. Wholesale Bonus 3. Royalties Reward 4. Production Bonus 5. Cash bonus 6. Vacations Bonus 7. Mark Hughes Bonus

Is Selling Herbalife a Profitable company ?

According to Herbalife Nutrition Company, Approximately: 50% made less than $370 a year. 10% made just $6,965 a year and only 1% made more than $108,802.