Mary Kay Review

Is Mary Kay  Pyramid Scheme?


What is Mary Kay?

Mary Kay is a multi-level marketing company that was founded in 1963 by the late Mary K. Ash of Texas with an initial investment of just $5,000. Mary Kay Sell Cosmetics and Skincare Products.

Mary Kay Products

Mary Kay offers a wide Product range of over 200 premium products in 5 major categories: – Facial skincare – Color cosmetic – Body care – Sun protection – Fragrance

Are Mary Kay Products Good?

Yes. Mary Kay Products are very good quality products.  The company has its own PhD-level biochemists, toxicologists, microbiologists, and pharmacologists.

Is Mary Kay An MLM?

Yes, Mary Kay is an American MLM company that makes and sells cosmetics and skincare products. 

How to Make Money from Mary Kay ?

There are 2 ways you can make some money from Mary Kay MLM Company. – Sell ​​products to earn commission – Recruit people and earn downline bonuse

How to Join Mary Kay?

To Join Mary Kay as a Consultant, first, you have to buy a Mary Kay Starter Kit worth $100.  

Is Mary Kay a Scam?

No, Mary Kay is not a scam. Mary Kay sells Legitimate Beauty and Makeup products through their Direct Seller and pays a commission according to their compensation plan.