Opportunity &  MLM Scam?

About MWR Life

MWR Life is an MLM company that offers discounts on various essentials such as flights, hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and trains.

Foundation of MWR Life

Yoni Ashurov is the Founder and CEO of MWR Life. The company is based in Florida and was founded in 2013.

MWR Life Products

MWR Life offers discounts on travel needs services such as flights, hotels, resorts, cruises, vacation rentals, car rentals, excursions, theme parks, and trains.

MWR Life Joining Process

One has to purchase a suitable membership to join MWR Life as a Guest or an Ambassador. They have to recruit new ambassadors, sell memberships to guests & earn commissions from them.

MWR Life Compensation Plan

Fast Start Bonus ($200 -$1200) Member Bonus ($20 - $120) Builder Bonus ($5 - $30) Dual Team Commission ($40 - $450000) Dual Team Match (2%) Rank Achievement Bonus  ($20 - $500000) Recognition

Is MWR Life a  scam?

MWR Life is in the grey area, Neither Scam nor Legit. It is operating an MLM compensation plan and using online brokerage services as products.

Should I join MWR Life?

This decision is up to you, but I will not recommend MWR Life. Nowadays there are several free options available to book any services online in cheap price.