Tupperware Legal Business Plan or Scam

About Tupperware Company

Tupperware is a Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Selling Company that sells Container, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home.

Foundation of Tupperware

Earl Silas Tupper founded Tupperware in 1946 in America. Founder, Earl Silas Died in 1983 at the age of 76.

Tupperware Products

Cookware & Bakeware Kitchen tools Cookware & Bakeware Serveware Food storage On the go Kids and toys

Tupperware Compensation Plan

Personal sales: 25% commission Team or Downline sales: 2-8% Leadership commission: 3-10% Bonus opportunities: $100-$2,500 per year

In Which Country Is Tupperware Made its Products?

United States

Is Tupperware Scheme A Scam?

Tupperware is not an Illegal Scheme and scam. They sell legitimate products and pay their consultants as they claim.