Vector Marketing Scam Review

What Is Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing is essentially known for selling Cutco Cutlery. After joining Vector Marketing, you will be considered as an Independent Direct Seller of Vector Marketing as a Representative.

Who is CEO?

Albert DiLeonardo (Jan 2002), Bruce Goodman (Jan 2002)  

What Is Cutco Cutlery?

Cutco Cutlery is a manufacturer of Producing high-quality kitchen cutlery Products. From, the name of a Cutco company, the name Cutco comes was founded in 1949.

Cutco’s Most Popular Products

They all come with a “perpetual guarantee” and free sharpening at any time The Ultimate set comes with 32 pieces and an oak block that you can buy in honey or cherry finish. And homemaker set which has 10 pieces.

How Do You Make Money With Vector Marketing?

There is no fixed income in Vector Marketing. As long as you work, you will get a paycheck weekly basis.

Can College Students Make Money With Vector Marketing?

Yes. College Students and Older High Schools Students can make Money With Vector Marketing. 

Is Joining and Working with Vector Marketing Good Idea?

I am not your decision-maker. Joining and working in Vector Marketing Company totally depend on you. You can do Vector Marketing as Part-time work. Though you can earn a base payment, of $15- $18, it will not sustainable.