In-depth Velovita Review

What is VeloVita?

VeloVita is a direct selling company dealing in nutritional supplements. VeloVita sells Nootropics which are also called Smart Drugs, used to enhance brain performance.

Foundation of VeloVita

Kosta Gara is the founder and CEO of VeloVita whereas Jeff Mack is the President of VeloVita along with being the co-founder.

VeloVita Products

1. Bran reimagined at the price of $69.95. 2. Zlem – sleep and slim at the price of $79.95.  3. Uuth – time reverser at the price of $99.95.

Joining VeloVita

The affiliate needs to pay $49.95 per month as a membership fee.

Advocate : Purchase 1 box of Bran Promoter : Purchase 6 boxes of Bran Influencer : purchase 12 boxes of Bran Ambassador : Purchase 25 boxes of Bran

VeloVita Affiliate Ranks

Affiliate Star All Star Rock Star Super Star V Star

Compensation Plan (Commission Basis)

Star: $6000 for 200 cycles All Star: $12,000 for 400 cycles Rock Star: $27,000 for 900 cycles Super Star: $54,000 for 1800 cycles V Star: $1,20,000 for 4000 cycles

Compensation Plan (Type of Bonuses )

Matching Bonus Lifestyle Bonus Quarterly Partnership Bonus 5 Year Retirement Bonus