LBank Exchange listed on FOF

What is FOF Group?

FOF Group is a comprehensive group integrating the development and operation of blockchain, foreign exchange, futures, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and more.

 There are currently four foundation projects under FOF Group, including financial business by Ngel Foundation Malaysia, a decentralized platform business and metaverse project, and payments by Ngel Foundation Korea.

The FOF coin will be the key currency on all platforms and trading in the Ngel ecosystem.

The FOF coin is a financial coin that supports the transaction, is contracts for differences (CFDs), cryptocurrency trading, futures trading, stock trading, and forex (FX) trading.

FOF also has a system that allows users to share profits generated through financial business by holding FOF coins and participating in mining through

The Malaysia Labuan Financial Services Authority issued the Cryptocurrency and Financial Businesses license.

The FOF token will be accepted as a form of payment on many online shopping sites through partnerships with various payment companies, including MasterCard and UnionPay cards.