About Modere Company

Modere is an MLM company, that was founded in 1992 that manufactures health and wellness products.Generally, the company offer a variety of green home products.

Owner of Modere

Thomas and Leslie Moyer founded the Modder Company in 1987 under the name "Figure and Elevation". And in 2012, it was renamed Modare. 

Modere Products

Health and wellness The Lean Body System Collagen Science Household care Personal Care Vitamin Angel

 Joining Modere MLM Company

Basic – $199.99 Plus- $499.99 Final – $699.99

You need to select one of 3 “Business Packs:

Type of Modere Compensation Plan

Customer pod bonus Career path Generational unilevel 4 or more bonus Team Builder Bonus Promoter Development Bonus Leadership Development Bonus

Is Modere A Pyramid Scheme?

Technically no, Modere is not a pyramid scheme.