Top 10  Party Plan MLM Companies 

1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is one of the Good Multi-level Marketing companies. Mary K. Ash was started in 1936 by Mary Kay. Ash, is a privately owned direct marketing company, with an investment of just 5000 dollars.

2. Avon  

Avon is a leading beauty product and cosmetics brand. David H. McConnell started this company in New York in 1886.

3. Scentsy

Heidi and Orville Thompson started Scentsy in 2004 for making Wickless Candles in Meridian.

4. Arbonne

Peter Murak launched this company in 1975. Arbonne is a Swiss brand that started operating in the United States in 1980. Arbonne products are not only good for you but also environmentally friendly.

5. Tupperware

The Tupperware brand was started by Earl Tupper in 1948 in Massachusetts. Tupperware is a home product brand that includes lightweight plastic kitchenware and home products that include containers for food preparation, storage, and serving.

6. Younique

Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, (Brother and Sister) started Younique in Lehi, United States, in 2012. 

7. Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef was started in 1980 by Doris Christopher and is headquartered in Addison, Illinois. The company provides tools and tips for a quick and messy cooking experience.

8. Traveling Vineyard 

Traveling Vineyard is a Wine selling Direct Selling Company. Robert Libby bought this company in 2010. The company was launched in 2001.

9. Boisset Collection 

Jean-Claude and Claudine Boisett started this MLM company, Boisset Collection in 1961 as a small wine trade in Burgundy, France.  Nowadays, today it is the third-largest wine group.

10. Keep Collective 

Keep Collective Launched in 2004 in Sausalito, California, is a jewelry and accessories company. Blythe Harris and Jessica Herrin started this company, which are also the founders of Stella and Dot