About Unicity Company

Unicity is an MLM company that develops, promotes, and researches health and wellness products. Unicity’s 2020 annual sales were estimated at $735 million.

Foundation of Unicity

Stewart Hughes is the CEO and Chairman of Unicity. The company was founded in 2001 in the United States.

Unicity Joining Process

1. Member (Preferred Customer) 1.1 Feel Great Pack: min $158 1.2 Prime Health Pack: $225 2. Distributor: $40.00

Unicity Product

Men’s Health Women’s Health Personal Care Digestive Health Weight Management Heart Health Anti-aging Immune Health Joint Health

Unicity Compensation Plan

1. Retail Profit 2. Fast Start Bonus 3. Personal Rebate 4. Team Development Bonus 5. Generation Bonus 6. Lifestyle Bonus 7. Presidential Achiever’s Bonus 8. Additional Franchise Position 9. Chairman and Founder’s Club Bonus

Is Unicity a scam?

Unicity is not a scam. Unicity works on a direct sales concept that is a legal business model in most countries. This company is different from fraudulent money-handling registers and pyramid schemes.