Legit or MLM Scam?

About Xifra Lifestyle

Xifra Lifestyle is an MLM  program that provides CBD-infused products and the opportunity to grow professionally and financially by providing financial education.

Foundation of Xifra Lifestyle

Xifra Lifestyle is started in late 2019 and its headquarters is in Mexico. Jonathan Sifuentes is the founder of the Xifra and Now, George Goodman is CEO of the Company.

Joining Xifra Lifestyle

Individuals have to pay a $15 one-time registration fee for Joining Xifra Lifestyle.

Xifra Lifestyle Products

CBD oil Male enhancement  supplement Detox supplements Weight loss products.

Xifra Compensation Plan

Fast Start Accelerator Bonus:  8%  Indirect Accelerator Bonus: 2%  Renewal Bonus: 4%  Binary Bonus: 7% to 12% Binary Matching Bonus: 5 generation deep downlines Leadership Recognition: Recognition and gifts.

Is Xifra Lifestyle a Scam?

Xifra Lifestyle does not have permission from financial regulators of any country to operate investment schemes, hence it is doing securities fraud.