What is Direct Selling: Definition, Examples, and Tips (2024)

The Direct Selling Business Model is used to market products without spending money on Ads and making revenue quickly. Learn How its works and How to avoid Scams.

Direct selling can be the most effective way to build a Low Cost, Ads Free, Profitable, and Flexible Business. This allows you to reduce advertising costs, and build a lasting customer network.

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What is Direct Selling Business? – Definition

Direct Selling is a Marketing Model used by a company to sell its products directly to consumers with the help of word-of-mouth promotion.

With Direct Selling, suppliers supply chain intermediaries and sell products directly to consumers from manufacturers. In traditional retail settings, products are sold online or in a physical store, but direct selling is usually in front of customers in a variety of traditional settings.

How Direct Selling Work 

Direct Selling

Basically, Direct Selling sorts out several intermediaries involved in the distribution of products such as regional Whole Seller, Distributor seller. Instead, the products go directly from the manufacturer to the sales company, then to the distributor, independent consultant, or Business Associate, and finally to the customer.

Products of Direct Selling Companies are usually not available at retail locations, which means that the only way to buy a product or service is to look for a supplier or representative.

Direct Sales are usually related to party-planning and network marketing companies. Although these companies use direct sales, they are not alone; Business-2-Business (B2B) sellers use direct sales to target and sell their end customers to many businesses. 

For example, Some companies such as Herbalife Nutrition are using Google Ads and Facebook Ads for advertising. Some are sending their representatives directly to main stores where they can check and use their services.

Benefits of Direct Selling

There are many benefits of using the Direct Selling Model and working with a Company. These benefits include:

  • Direct Selling is work to sell quality products directly to the Consumer from the Manufacturer without ads, That is why the cost of the same quality is low than others.
  • You Can Make lots of money by selling products yourself or your downline.
  • You will be surrounded by like-minded people.
  • Every Business Associate or Distributor can make their own Business and scale up for yourself, not for others. 
  • When your team will grow and, you can make passive income.
  • There are no prerequisites, so anyone can sell directly regardless of education or job history.
  • You can start this business with a very low amount of investment, according to start other business.
  • In this Direct Selling or Network Marketing Industry, Anyone can learn Communication skills, People Managing skills, How to Develop Personality, Leadership Skill in free of cost.
  • You will have Time Freedom. Because there is no set time, it leads you to be able to work when it is convenient for you. This is a big reason so many mothers become direct sellers while staying at home.

Types of Direct Selling

Doing Direct selling Business is Okay, but how you do this business also matters.

Some model of Direct Selling gives higher commission than others.

You are certainly not limited in the types of Business you do, but if are finding the Legal Model, you will be stuck here.

There are 3 types of direct selling, which are;

  • Single-level direct sales
  • Host or party-plan sales
  • Multi-level marketing

1. Single Level Direct Sales

Single-level Direct Selling is usually performed head-to-head selling. For example, Door-to-door, Online Meetings, One to one Person presentations. Generally, a salesperson can earn their commission from selling and in some time from the Bonus (when hit the sale target). Normally, They do not recruit another representative to earn more money. 

2. Host or party-plan sales

Host or Party Plan sales take place in a group meeting. The primary focus of this plan is generating sales lead by arranging an event and proposing products for sale. Then, the Consultant uses this model as a source of future business by asking people, if they would like to restart these types of programs, too.

For example, Mary Kay. They arrange a social event to sell their products and to join new recruits together, not making one sale.

3. Multi-level marketing

The Primary focus in Multi-level Marketer is recruiting a Member, not selling product. That is why some companies use this method to do scams, but not all. The difference between Multi-level Marketing and other types of direct sales is that the revenue earned through it is based on sales generated by the sales commission and other business partners employed in the company.

In the USA and India, MLMs are popular among people who want to work from home part-time digitally or offline, most are housewives and college students.  

By the way, it can be risky to take part in because of the huge upfront fees, hard-to-meet quotas, and salaries that depend on one’s hiring. Most MLMs are not usually seen as a good thing. 

Examples of such direct sales companies are Mary Kay, Smart Value,  Arbonne, Vestige Marketing, Tupperware, IMC and many more. They also use the party-plan model but hire new salespeople when selling products.

What is the difference between Direct sales and Indirect sales?

In a direct sales model, a Brand or Company directly connects with customers and sells products to the customer from the manufacturer’s house.

On the other hand, In indirect sales include various intermediaries – distribution centers, wholesalers, regional representatives, retailers, and so on. For example, Pepsi uses this model to sell their products, It means, People will buy Pepsi from a 3rd party vendor or any shop, not directly from the Company Distributor Center of Website.

Top 10 Direct Selling Company in the World (DSN List)

Rank No.Company NameRevenue in 2020
1.Amway Global$8.5B
2.Natura &Co$7.16B
3.Herbalife Nutrition Global$5.5B
6.Nu Skin$2.5B
8.Young Living$2.2B
9.eXp Realty$1.8B

Top 10 Direct Selling Company in India 2024

Rank No.Company NameWebsite
1.Smart Value Products and Services Limitedwww.smartvalue.biz
2.Modicare Limitedwww.modicare.com
3.Amway Indiawww.amway.in
4.Vestige Private Limitedwww.myvestige.com
5.Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limitedwww.milifestylemarketing.com
7.Herbalife Nutritionwww.herbalife.co.in
8.Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)https://foreverliving.com
10.Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limitedwww.safeshopindia.com

How to do Direct Selling

There are special techniques and strategies in Direct Selling. For example, it should strongly keep an eye on the sale strategy and invest more time in your downline strategy.

By the way, One of the research by Jon M Taylor shows that only 0.04% is the success rate of Network Marketing, one of the models of the Direct Selling Industry.

By the way,

Here, I’ve picked 5  Best Actionable tips on How to start Direct Selling Business and grow it in less than 3 months after joining.

  1. Set your goals and Target. It is impossible to do business or any type of work without defined goals. They are both the basis of motivation and success. To be successful, your goals must be specific and measurable, such as “15% earnings and Team growth in the third quarter.
  1. Determine Your Target Audience and Customer. Every Business has a very important part in understanding its audience. Knowing analyzing prospects is the key to better sales and good ROI (Return of Investment). First, Identify the personality of your prospect like Occupation, Hobby, need, Habit, Lifestyle, Interest, Desire, and Problem.
  2. Create sales strategies and KPIs.  This will enable you to meet the needs of your customers, increase ROI (Return of Investment), and shorten your sales cycle. Include KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to ensure that your sales strategy is properly implemented and it’s achieved the goal.
  3. Align Marketing and Sales. Marketing and lead generation are very important for any business to convert a prospect to a customer. So make a detailed plan on how to get Target MLM lead. To get even better results, use Lead Generation Software like OptinMonster for your sales and promotional. 
  4. Learn and Implement New Sale Strategy. Be aware of how to communicate with your audience at each stage of the sales funnel. This includes being able to achieve any potential as a potential buyer, presenting your product to them, handling objections, follow up, and close sales. And the most effective trick is keeping in touch with existing prospects and follow up with them to convert customers.

In Direct Selling Business, One of the rumors is, Follow up every time, until the police did not come to you.

Direct Selling Tips for Your Business

  1. First Build a Relationship, not a sale. First Establish a relationship to know more about them and determine their pain points. So that you can give them a solution with the touch of your business. Always looking for and follow up on new possibilities to build new relationships.
  1. Keep consistent check customer records. The overall customer database allows you to create and track your networks, interact with clients periodically, and distribute a variety of marketing materials such as product updates, Tips on Video, or email newsletters.
  1. Be Knowledgeable about your product. Those who trust their products can sell their product easily. To meet the needs of their clients, sales are more likely.
  1. Build and maintain your networks. Your network marketing strategies should be the core of your direct sales business. It is important to have a mutually beneficial relationship with your downline and upline. Communicate and discussing with coworkers, Downline, Partner is the key factor in making new strategy.

Read More: 50 Direct Selling Success Tips

Are Direct Selling Companies Legal?

Direct Selling, despite their best intentions and the positive influence they bring to many lives, has been forced underground by legislators who are yet unfamiliar with network marketing in general and therefore subjectively deem it “unregulated.” In the U.S., in particular, recruiting people into a pyramid scheme can be a felony; furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Federal Trade Commission to monitor these cases abroad as well as anyone involved within the states themselves.

FAQs on Direct Selling Business

What are the top 10 direct sales companies in the World?

According to DSN Global 100 List,
Rank #1: Amway
Rank #2: Natura &Co.
Rank #3: Herbalife Nutrition
Rank #4: Vorwerk
Rank #5: COWAY
Rank #6: Nu Skin
Rank #7: Primerica
Rank #8: Young Living
Rank #9: eXp Realty
Rank #10. PM-International

What are the top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India?

1. Smart Value Products and Services Limited
2. Modicare Limited
3. Amway India
4. Vestige Private Limited
5. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Ltd
6. Oriflame
7. Herbalife Nutrition
8. Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)
9. Avon
10. Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited

What MLM company has the most millionaires?

Amway Global has the most Network Marketing millionaires.

Who is the Father of network marketing in the world?

Carl Rehnborg

Why does joining an MLM will ruin your life?

In MLM, you will get more money when you join someone on your downline. Most of the people wanted to join their relatives, neighbors, friends. In most cases, they refuse it and this hampers your social life.

Can govt employees do direct selling?

Yes. Government Employees can do Direct Selling Business or Network Marketing. But, keep in mind, when you will earn a huge of amount money from this, you have to create an Income Tax File.

How do you succeed in direct selling?

1. First Build a Relationship, not a sale.
2. Keep consistent check customer records.
3. Be Knowledgeable about your product.
4. Build and maintain your networks.

To sum up

There are hundreds of Disadvantages and Advantages of Direct Selling. And there are many questions that happen in people’s minds when they listen to MLM, Upline, Downline, Network Marketing, quick rich scheme, etc.

By the way, being a Distributor of any Direct Selling Company requires hard work, Passion, Selling Skills, networking skills to achieve success. Direct selling is a business, and one has to run like a business or you will get little success in the short term and long term, Fail.

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