9 Proven Reason Why Sleep Is Important for Health [+ Bonus]

Why sleep is important
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We recently analyzed 1000 People to answer the question:

  • Why is sleep so important?
  • Why sleep is important for students? 
  • What are the benefits of sleep?
  • How many hours of sleep do we need?

With the help of our data and research, we get many Facts and Figures.

And NOW we are going to share with you(What we found).

Why sleep is important
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So if you want to make sure that you have lots of Sleep-related problems, you should get a lot of value from this article.

So, Let’s dive into these Reasons why sleep is important.

Cause #1: Lower Weight Gain Risk

weight loss
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Basically, The link between Pooer sleep and Weight gain is not fully clear.

By the way, Weight loss is the toughest work for men and women.

There are many results of much research about this. Though, many ask, Weight gain has a connection with Poor sleep.

In a comprehensive review study, children and adults with shorter sleep periods were 89% and 55% more likely to be obese, respectively.

On the other hand, This analysis argues that many previous studies fail to account for a sufficient number of reasons, such as:

  • Drinking
  • Pick live with two multifactorial disorders
  • Level of physical activity
  • Level of education
  • Long operating hours
  • Long idle time

In other words, Lack of sleep can affect a person’s desire or ability to lead a healthy life, but it may or may not be an immediate contributor to weight gain.

Cause #2: Improve Higher Productivity and Concentration

To lead a healthy and successful life, We need to improve more Productive Time and Concentration Power.

Basically, Good Sleep is Directly connected with Brain Function.

Many Scientists researched the importance of Sleep in the 2000s early.

The researchers said that sleep has many functions in the brain, including:

  • Productivity
  • Concentration
  • Cognition

According to the study, a small amount of alcohol can negatively affect certain aspects of brain activity in the same amount as Lower Sleep.

In other words, Good sleep helps to increases the memory of Children and Oldage. Similarly, it helps to boost PSS(Problem Solving Skill).

Cause #3: Calorie Regulation of Sleepers

We know, Calories is important to the factor of Weight Gain.

Studies show that Low Sleeper People have more hunger and eat more calories. Basically, Lower sleep disturbs the inflection of Hormones daily, that is the reason for Hunger.

National Academy of Sciences of USA declares the same word about it.

When someone takes a short sleep, it will interfere with their body’s ability to properly manage food intake.

Cause #4: Good Sleep Maximize Athletic’s Performance

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. – Michael Jordan

Good Sleep is One of the key of every Athletic’s Success.

In the Study of Basketball Players, Longer sleep helps to boost:

  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Mental Well-Being
  • Accuracy
  • Reaction Time
  • Energy

In other words, Overall Performance.

That is why, we show this chart which is perfectly match for Sports man

Sleep loss and injury
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Have you an old woman ? or Are you Oldage Woman who read this article.

We recommend you or Her to do the sleep for a long time. Because Short sleep periods are also associated with poor exercise performance and functional limitations in older women.

Many people have confusion about Sleeping time.

Here is my question.

How much sleep do you need by age? (Do you have any answer?)

Here is the Sleep Chart by Age.

Sleep Chart by Age

Age Level Best Sleeping Time
0–3 months Newborns  14–17 hours
4–12 months Infants  12–16 hours
1–2 years Toddler  11–14 hours
3–5 years Preschool  10–13 hours
6–12 years School Age 9–12 hours
13–18 years Teen   8–10 hours
18–25 years Young Adult  7+ hours
26–64 years Adult 7-9 hours
64 years + Old 7-8 hours

Cause #5: Preventing Depression

Depression, Mental health Problem, It’s strongly connected with Poor Sleep.

Basically, Low quality sleep even links with an increase in risk suicide.

Who People have depression. 90% of People complain about sleep quality.

Study 1:

According to JAMA Medical Specialties, the lack of sleep can be a contributing factor in most of these deaths. This research Period is around 10 years.

Study 2:

Another study in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medical. Specialties suggested that people with sleep disorders measured squares to show increased depressive symptoms, such as sleep disorders.

From this study, means that Poor sleep -> Depression-> 90% Suicide case.

So, Take deep and long sleep.

Cause #6: Risk of Heart Disease

Poor Sleep is one of the major reasons for many health diseases. And also increase the risk of many diseases.

Here is the chart of Risk of Desease for sleep. So, watch it.

Health disease chart
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Similarly, Low quality sleep is one of the major factors of Heart Diseases.

Consistent with bars and CDC (CDC) centers for unhealthy management, getting enough rest every night allows the body’s vital signs to manage itself.

Thus, doing so brings back the likelihood of symptoms related to sleep-related conditions and promotes higher overall heart health.

So, That is why sleep is important for everyone to protect from diseases.

Cause #7: Social and Emotional Intelligence

Emotion and Sociality make Peoples Perfect.

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So, we have to control a good Social Face and Good Emotional Intelligence. On the other hand, Long and deep sleep directly connects with your brain where you can control it.

For a report of the study, A person has a small amount of emotional empathy when they do not get enough sleep.

This is especially for Students.

Cause #8: Stronger Immune System

Even Low-Quality Sleep affects your Immune System.

Good Sleep helps the body keep active in recovery, refreshes, and also regeneration. In other words, Good Sleep Strong and improve your Immune System.

Some analysis shows that high sleep quality will help the body fight infections.

If you have Cold fever, keep in mind that you should take sleep 8 hours. On the other hand, we recommend you to Eat More Garlic.

Cause #9: Poor Sleep is Associated with Increased Inflammation

Sleep is one of the major factors inflammation of your Body. Sleep directly affect the inflammation of your body.

In fact, Poor sleep is known to activate cell damage.

In other words, Less Sleep strongly connect with inflammation of the digestion

One study found that people with Crohn’s disease were twice as likely to sleep better than those who sleep better.

Researchers even recommend a sleep assessment to predict outcomes in people with long-term inflammatory problems.

Bonus: Foods for Better Sleep

Here is the bonus point of this article which you need to know.

So, Watch this video.

Conclusion: Reasons Why Sleep is Important

In short, Sleep is an important, usually neglected aspect of each person’s overall health.

Sleep is important because it allows the body to repair and work and be ready for one more day.

Now we’d like to know from you:

How much time do you sleep per day?

Drop your answer in a comment.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the best time to sleep according to science?

According to the Science study at Harvard, you can go to sleep and you can sleep at any time. The only catch is you have to keep a consistent schedule. Basically, they found sleep each night and get up at the same time is more Productive.

2. Does sleeping make you fat?

When your body doesn’t maintain your insulin, your body has problems with the process of fat from your bloodstream. So, these are stored as fat. So it’s not so much that you lose weight when you sleep, but very poor sleep interferes with your metabolism. That is why It helps to gain weight.

3. Is studying at night Harmful?

Unfortunately, It is bad for your health. In other words, It Is Good for the exam. On the other hand, Study at night will decrease your sleeping time, that’s not good. Kindly, avoid studying at night because Poor Sleep decreases your Productive Time and increase many health Problem.

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