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Winfinith Products Price List PDF

In this post, Firstly, I will show you some basic information regarding Winfinith Marketing and the Chart of Winfinith Products Price List. Then the PDF Download Button is the below.

About Winfinith Company

Winfinith is also known as Winfinith Marketing Private Limited, a new MLM Company in the Indian Legal Direct Selling Company like Smart Value Products and Services Limited, Vestige, and Asclepius Wellness. 15 April 2020, Approx 1 Year is complete of this company of incorporated in MCA.

Mahesh Degala and Manjunatha Jagadeesh are the Managing directors of Winfinith Marketing Private Limited, which is located in Bangalore, India.

Winfinith Company Profile

Company NameWinfinith Marketing Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U74140KA2020PTC133771
Incorporation Date15/04/2020
DirectorRamesh Somabhai Patel and Yash Rameshchandra Patel
ProductsFitness and diet, Natural earth, Baby care, Skincare, Haircare, Kisan growth, and many more
Office AddressNo. 1210/A, 3rd Main Road, 80 Feet Road, Chandra Layout 1st Stage, 2nd Phase Vijayanagar, Bangalore – 560 040
Email ID

To be a part of Winfinith Marketing Pvt Ltd, it is important to register yourself online or offline and be a direct seller or Network Marketer known as a Business Associate of Winfinith Marketing.

Winfinith Products Price List 2024

The Products Category of Winfinith are;

  • Women’s Health
  • Fitness and diet
  •  Immune system
  •  Natural earth
  •  Baby care
  •  Skincare
  • Haircare
  • Kisan growth
  • Many more.
Sr. No.P codeProduct NameQuantityMRPDPBV
  Winfinith Health Care/Ayurveda 
110001Winfinith Neem60 Soft gels26020090
210002Winfinith Natural Flax Oil90 capsules657505227.25
310003Winfinith Natural Spirulina100 capsules455350157.5
410004WinfinithNatural Noni90 capsules650500225
510005WinfinithNatural  Alovera60 capsules345265106.4
610006Winfinith Natural Amla60 capsules22717561.5
710007Winfinith Natural Ganoderma90 capsules988760380
810008Winfinith Natural Colostrum60 capsules780600306
910009Winfinith DiaWin60 Capsules884680306
1010010Winfinith Advanced  Respo relief60 Capsules812625313
1110011Winfinith Shatavari  Plus90 capsules650500200
1210012Winfinith Advanced Glucosamine +60 tablets657505202
1310013Winfinith Whey Protein Powder200g1040800320
1410014Winfinith  Winhemo60 Capsules325250100
1510015Winfinith G-Krill Oil 500 mg30 capsules13001000500
1610016Winfinith Advnced Eye care30 capsules715550247.5
1710017Winfinith Premium Calcium100 tablets325250100
1810018Winfinith Sea Baukthron Boosters60 Capsules1040800360
1910019Winfinith  L-Arjinine & Q 10  +30 Capsules17151320528
2010020Winfinith Feminine care60 Capsules19501500825
2110021Winfinith Pancha TULSI30 ml19515067.5
2210022Winfinith Slimming Tea60 tablets819630315
23 Winfinith Curcumin -P30ml27321883.71
2410021Winfinith Slim Shake500 g 1300585
  Winfinith Health Food/Natural Earth    
2610051Natural Earth Tea250 grams12511022
2710052Natural Earth NP kesari pistha  granuels250 grams650500225
2810053Natural Earth Rice Bron Oil2 ltr39933667.2
2910054Natural Earth Coffee50 grams19415570
  Winfinith Kids Special    
3010061O’Baby Oil250 ml390300120
3110062O’Baby soap75 gm18514257
3210063O’Baby Body Lotion250 ml350270108
  Winfinith Fresh Dent    
3310071Fresh Dent Toothpaste100 grams755819
3410072Fresh Dent Multi Action Toothbrush1 x 4 pieces24719075
  Winfinith Perfect    
3510080Perfect Bathing Soap100 grams39309
3610081Perfect Complexion Bar (Coconut, Olive & Honey)75 grams786024
3710082Mens Alert Face Wash75 ml26020080
3810083Mens Alert  Soap125 grams13010036
3910084Perfect Pain Relief gel50 g16312544
4010085Perfect Foot Cream50 g18214050
4110086Perfect Hair Care Oil250 ml21516550
4210087Perfect Hair Removal Cream60 g17713654.4
4310088Perfect Dandruff Free Shampoo250 ml20016050
4410089Perfect Cleansing Shampoo250 ml20016060
4510090Perfect Ageless Cream60g27321084
4610091Perfect Fairness Cream60g20016057
4710092Perfect Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+60g26020080
4810093Perfect Clear Face Wash60g16212550
4910094Perfect  Daily Moisturizing  Body Lotion250 ml24719072
5010095Perfect Cleansing skin lotion & Toner250 ml351270108
5110096Perfect Hand Sanitizer250 ml12511040
5210102Perfect Gentle Face Scrub60g27520088
5310103Perfect Glowing Face Pack60g18114552
5410104Perfect Face Massage Gel200ml320256100
5510097Perfect Hand Wash250ml15613040
5610098Perfect Creamy Cleansing Soap75 grams655020
5710099Perfect Lavender flower body talc150 g15812557
5810100Perfect Rose flower body talc150 g15812557
  Winfinith HomeWin    
5910201Supreme  Wash Liquid detergent500 ml355295100
6010202Supreme  Drop Dish wash500 ml22017552.5
6110203Supreme  Clean floor cleaner500 ml22017653
6210204Supreme  Protect Toilet Cleanser500 ml14311038.5
  Winfinith Kisan Growth    
6310211KISHAN 100500 ml467370100
6410212KISHAN-Humic500 ml567450180
6510213KISHAN-Gold Growth250 ml630500200
6610214KISHAN -AminoVit100 ml693550220
6710215KISHAN-HAP Granules2 kg320250100
6810216KISHAN-BioProtect500 Gm15121200480
6910217KISHAN-Antiflow (Nanotech)1gm680527263.5
7010218KISHAN-FruMature (Nanotech)1gm700538269
7110219KISHAN-Amino Vit Plus100ml750600240
  Business Tools    
72 Business Manual-Eng1 Book25250
73 Product Catlog-Eng1 Book40400
74 Winfinith Neck Tie1 Pcs35035050
  Up Coming Products    
  Winfinith Health Care/Ayurveda    
75 Winfinith Gluta Beauty Spray30 ml   
76 Winfinith Anti Stress Spray30 ml   
77 Winfinith MVMM Gummys30 Gummys   
78 Winfinith DHA & IM Gummys30 Gummys   
79 Winfinith 12 in 1 Juce750 ml   
80 Winfinith D-Tox60 Tablets   
81 Winfinith CZDL Chewable60 Tablets   

Winfinith Products Price List PDF Download

So, Click on the button to get the Winfinith Products Price List PDF on Your Laptop or Mobile Device.

Winfinith Registration and Login Process

Winfinith Registration Process

To Join and Become a Distributor Winfinith, first, you need to register yourself in this company. You can contact the existing Direct Seller of Winfinith or can visit their Branch office for filling out the Registration form. Because there is no option for Winfinith Registration Online for the Public or Wannabe Winfinith Direct Seller. 

Winfinth Login Process

  • Step #1: Go to their official website, then find and click on the Login Button on the Right Side of the Top. Then, Click on Distributor Login or visit this link,
  • Step #2: Enter ‘IBA ID’ and ‘Password’ in the Winfinith Distributor Login Page.
  • Step #3: Click the ‘Login’ button and You will get your Winfinith Distributor Dashboard.


I hope you are happy about Downloading the Winfinith Products Price List with DP and BV. Because On the internet there are many places, you will see the PDF Download option, but, In Real, they do not provide the PDF.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Are you a Business associate of Winfinith?

What is your experience with using Winfinth’s Products?

Let Me know in the comment Right Now.

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