Yashbiz Plan: Company Profile, Business Plan (2024)

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Yashbiz Plan

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About Yashbiz Marketing Pvt Ltd

Yashbiz Marketing Private Limited is a Direct selling company that was started in 2018. Ramesh Somabhai Patel and Yash Rameshchandra Patel are the director of Yashbiz. The company provides products in the marketplace of the highest standard quality in the categories of Beauty, health & wellness, personal care, home appliances, and agriculture products.

The management of YashBiz Marketing Pvt Ltd has created a compensation plan with an excellent product for their Direct Seller and Customer. 

In addition to it, they made a reward program, which I will discuss on the Yashbiz Plan in the middle of this article How Direct Seller earns handsome income from the company.

Yashbiz Marketing Company Vision

The vision of Yashbiz is to offer quality products and services that set community standards, exceed customer expectations, and are delivered by their distributors in a caring, convenient, cost-effective, and accessible manner.

Yashbiz Marketing Company Mission

The mission of Yashbiz company is to improve the Health Wellness of the people that they serve with a commitment at all.

Yashbiz Marketing Company Profile

Company NameYashbiz Marketing Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN No.U51909GJ2018PTC102007
Incorporation Date24/04/2018
DirectorRamesh Somabhai Patel and Yash Rameshchandra Patel
ProductsHealth Care, Oral care, Cosmetic, Agriculture, Cattle food
Office Address417 – Times Square Arcade, Nr. Rambag
Nr. Bagban Party Plot, Thaltej Shilaj Road,
Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- 380015
Email IDyashbiz2018@gmail.com

How to Join Yashbiz Plan?

Anybody can start this Direct selling Business as an Independent Distributor of Yashbiz Marketing Private Limited and make money through Yashbiz Plan.

To become an independent distributor of the company, one must register with the company as a customer by Submitting a simple registration form along with essential Documents like Voter Card, PAN Card, and Aadhar Card and purchasing some products for personal use.

Once a customer is satisfied with the quality of Yashbiz products, they can sell these products to customers and earn financial benefits in the form of incentives and rewards. 

Yashbiz Plan 

There are major 3 ways to earn money from Yashbiz and also have another, is Retail Profit Income.

1. Business Matching Incentive

The business match aspect of the compensation plan is calculated from your Downline, Left Leg Team, and Right Leg Team. When a distributor generates point value (PV) within a network by buying and selling Company’s Product, they will be rewarded with a Business Matching Incentive.

Yashbiz rewards its distributors with business matching incentives for their efforts to help them join based on the orders they place. As the Direct Seller’s Team Grows, their team grows, and they will get business matching incentives based on the balanced PV generated on both sides.

For example, An Distributor or Direct Seller of Yashbiz and their team refer sales of 500 PV in the Left Team & 750 PV in the Right Team. According to the Business Matching Incentive of the Yashbiz Plan, the Company will pay the distributor Rs.500 for these sales.

Left Team Left Team
Week 1500 PV750 PV1 PV = Rs.0.9/-
Matched PV500 PV750 PV500 PV = Rs. 450/-
Balance PV0 PV250 PV
Week 21250 PV750 PV
Total PV1250 PV1000 PV
Matched PV1000 PV1000 PV1000 PV = Rs. 900/-
Balance PV250 PV0 PV

Useful Notes:

  • Closing Period: This Incentive is calculated daily from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 pm.
  • Payment Period: This incentive is awarded to independent distributors on each of the respective Tuesdays.
  • In Yashbiz Business Plan, Business matching incentives are calculated on a daily basis and will pay on a weekly basis.
  • The maximum threshold for earning from Business Matching Incentive per day depends on the self-purchase by the Individual Distributor.
  • Here is the table of it:
1 Silver 250 PV 1000 PV
2 Gold 500 PV 2000 PV
3 Platinum 750 PV 3000 PV
4 Diamond 1000 PV 4000 PV
  • Active business is calculated after all cancellations and refunds have been deducted from the current payment period.
  • To receive a Business Matching Incentive, an independent distributor must have 2 individually registered teams.
  • The Company reserves the right to change the Business Matching Incentive.

Yashbiz Company made a Special incentive Reward for their Diamond Independent Direct Seller which is called Royalty Incentive

Royalty Incentive

When a Diamond Independent distributor is able to record sales of 11000 PV in 11 different groups, Yashbiz rewarded Direct Sellers with a royalty incentive. The company fixed a special fund of 3% of the monthly PV turnover of the company which will be paid to all Royalty Incentive account holder Distributors.

Royality Incentive = 3% of company's monthly PV turnover / Total No. of Royality Incentive Achivers

Useful Notes:

  • Royalty incentives income is calculated and paid monthly basis.
  • Closing Period: The royalty incentive is calculated on transactions made between the 1st day and the last day of each month.
  • Payment Term: The royalty incentive is paid on the 5th day of the next month of the Closing Month. 
  • Active business is calculated after all cancellations and refunds have been deducted from the current payment period.
  • The Company reserves the right to change the royalty incentive.

Team Performance Incentive

Yashbiz pays its distributor’s Team Performance Incentive, for each product purchase in the form of a compensation plan level. This is the simplest form of compensation income for the direct seller to compensate for the business generated at different levels in their team. 

When a Yashbiz Independent distributor approaches a customer to buy a product and made an independent distributor of Yashbiz and also newly Distributor introduces them to other customers or independent distributors, it forms a group or Team. 

Distributors upward their PV point by selling each product in a Team. 

Yashbiz Independent Distributors will be compensated with 80% of PV generated at 20 levels under their team as mentioned in the table below.

LevelIncentive SlabLevelIncentive Slab

Retail Profit

Retailing is the first step to success and building a foundation of business. Retail is the surest way to get immediate incentives, even when you build a long-term business and satisfy customers.

Retail profit is the margin between the price at which Yashbiz Distributors purchase products in Distributor Price (DP) and the price at which these products are sold (MRP). An Independent Distributor of Yashbiz achieves profit from 10% to 20% on the MRP of the product.

FAQ’s on Yashbiz Plan

  1. What kind of income does Yashbiz Company provide?

    Yashbiz company gives mainly 3 types of income.
    1. Business Matching Incentive
    2. Royalty Incentive
    3. Team Performance Incentive
    and another is Retail Income.

  2. When does Yashbiz give the payout to their Distributor?

    The Business Matching Incentive is given to an independent distributor every Tuesday of the week.

  3. How are business matching incentives calculated in Yashbiz Company?

    Business matching incentives are calculated on a daily basis and confirmed on a weekly basis.


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