Young Living MLM Review 2024: is young living a pyramid scheme?

Young Living mlm

In this blog post, I’m gonna show you the complete information about Young Living MLM Company with its Essential Oil Products and Compensation Plan.

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About Young Living MLM Company

Young Living is one of the most popular MLM companies that sell Essential Oil Products. Donald Gary Young Founded Young Living Company in 1993 in Utah, United States. Young Living Company Ranked in the List of Top 10 MLM Companies in USA.

There are many benefits of Essential Oil in the Human Body which are found in Plants.

  • Natural remedies for cuts and flu
  • Improve skin conditions like eczema
  • Helps in digestion and increases energy
  • Improve focus
  • Relieve stress and reduce depression

While there is certainly a lot of science that backs up the use of certain medicinal essential oils, they have certainly not been proven to ‘cure’ most diseases.

However, Young Living MLM Company makes quite intense claims about their oil. In addition, It is known that some distributors simply make things while selling oil. But, this does not mean that the full company is Bad,

And, whether it’s because of the storytelling of crazy distributors or because of the company’s authenticity, they’re definitely a viable business.

Who is the founder of Young Living MLM Company?

Young Living Company was Founded by Donald Gary Young in 1993 in Utah, United States.

First in 1993, Donald Gary Young brought lavender seeds from Provence, France, to grow on 200 acres of what is now the beautiful St. Mary’s Lavender Farm. In 1996, he again bought a second farm in Mona, Utah, and in 1996, he set up his first international farm in Ecuador.

Donald Gary founded the Young Life Research Clinic in Springville, Utah in 2000. But, in 2005, The clinic closed after a lawsuit was settled out of court 2005, and he opened a clinic in Ecuador, where he practiced medicine and surgery, despite objections from David Sterling, Young Living’s COO.

Young Living Company Profile

Company NameYoung Living
FounderDonald Gary Young
CEOMary Young (Jun 2015–)
Product CategoriesEssential oil Products, Personal Care, Food & Beverage
HeadofficeLehi, Utah, United States

Young Living Products

Young Living has 4 main product offerings:

  • Essential oils and blends (a range of oils with different benefits. Prices for a product vary from $15 to $ 80).
  • Thieves (oil, personal care, and home care products that boost immunity, $15 to $ 80 for products).
  • Beauty products (soap, shampoo, facial care, etc, $15- $120).
  • Wellness products (vitamins, snacks, weight loss, and supplements. $10- $100).

There are a few Young Living products that are very popular; 

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint Peppermint Essential Oil is very effective in treating pain or improving breathing. Typically, This oil is used in boiling water and inhaling the vapors.
  2. Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon essential oil provides a bright, pungent citrus scent and can help with household chores. You can disperse it or evaporate it to help improve the atmosphere of an area.
  3. Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender Essential Oil can be used topically to reduce pain which makes it a great addition to bathwater. It is known as a soothing fragrance.
  4. Tea Essential Oil: The essential oil of the tea plant is probably the number one most common oil on the planet. Tea trees grow in Australia where oil is a domestic thing. It can be used for everything from fighting acne and improving your skin health to helping your family clean up.

How Does Young Living Company Works?

Young Living MLM Company has some amazing products that are their essential oils as an Alternative Medicine which they promote.

It is true that their essential oil is used in folk medicine, but sometimes they force to promote something publicly as Medicine. There is growing scientific evidence that essential oils act as medicines, but not enough for any distributor to be officially labeled as medicines.

The company itself seems fairly legitimate but they do not have strict enough guidelines on its distributors. That’s why there are some allegations of the affair against the Distributor.

The FDA actually had to investigate Young Living for this reason and told them that their drugs should be classified as drugs if they continued their promotion in this way.

Young Living works in Multi-level Marketing Business models. They offer members to join the company. By joining a company as a Distributor, you will get products at a Discounted Price and earn real money by hiring other members and selling their products.

Hiring People will grow your Downline and sales which helps to make lots of money.

Young Living Compensation Plan

There are mainly 2 major ways to earn money from Young Living Company;

  1. Product Selling
  2. Recruiting New Members in Downline

Like other MLM companies, Young Living has also a Compensation Plan. The company divided it into 8 methods to earn a commission;

  1. Retail Commission earnings (24% commission)
  2. Starter Kit Bonus ($ 50 Bonus if you hire someone who buys a $150 Premium Kit)
  3. Unilevel commissions (“5 levels deep” 8% of the commissions you sponsor, 5% of those who sponsor, 4% of the next 3 levels)
  4. Quick start bonus
  5. Rising Star Bonus Pool
  6. Generation Commission
  7. Generation Leadership Bonus (2-3% bonus for each of your teams. You need 2 teams of 4000 PV + 1000 PV elsewhere)
  8. Diamond Leadership Bonus

Young Living Ranking

There are 10 ranks of Direct Seller of the Young Living compensation plan:

  1. Distributor 
  2. Star 
  3. Senior Star 
  4. Executive 
  5. Silver 
  6. Gold 
  7. Platinum 
  8. Diamond 
  9. Crown Diamond 
  10. Royal Crown Diamond 

Are Young Living Oils Legit?

The BBB’s National Advertising Division recommends that Young Living stop claiming its oils to be “therapeutic grade” by 2020 because of a lack of clinical evidence to support these claims. In addition, Young Living MLM Company also said it would appeal, but then promised to stop claiming numerous health and wellness for its products and ingredients.

Is Young Living A Pyramid Scheme?

Officially, Young Living is not a Pyramid Scheme. But, If you look at the plan and structure of the company, it acts as a Pyramid Scheme.

If you work as a distributor you will start at the bottom of the pyramid. When you recruit new members in your Downline and also you’re downline again recruits, The Pyramid Grows and you get closer to the Top.

In some cases, people are afraid of pyramid schemes because they have a bad representative. Some may even believe that Young Living’s representatives are enough to avoid their MLM opportunity.

Last year in 2017, the company pleaded guilty to a lawsuit alleging illegal smuggling of essential oils against them. They lost 760,000 in this lawsuit.

Is Young Living a Scam?

No. Young Living is not a Scam.

There are 2 main ways to make money from home opportunity can be a scam:

  • Take your money and run to the sunset, never to be heard again.
  • Provide some information but it does not fulfill their promise.

But, Young Living certainly offers many legitimate products and 25 years of experience speaks for itself.

Young Living’s Controversies

Young Living Company has faced many lawsuits in the last some years, for engaging in false and misleading marketing practices, The Quality of the Products, and also for announcing false income claims.

  • False marketing claims: Young Living has been accused of making false claims about the therapeutic benefits of its products. FDA gives a warning to the company for making unsupported claims about the ability of its essential oils to treat various health conditions.
  • Product quality controversies: Young Living’s quality of the products and their sourcing were also questioned by some critics.
  • Price manipulation: In 2020, Young Living was accused of manipulating its prices to inflate the commissions earned by its members.

Young Living Pros & Cons

Sl. No.ProsCons
1.Young Living has been working globally around for over 25 years and the revenue is around $2 billion a year.There is a lot of controversy surrounding Young Living’s founder (D. Gary Young) and how he managed his business.
2.Young Living Products is one of the most popular Essential Oil Brands in the world with around 4 million Distributors.There are many complaints about increasing the price of essential oil and weak customer support.
3.The Young Living Foundation has raised millions of dollars to provide for Disaster Relief.Despite the popularity of Young Living, there have been FDA warnings about misleading product claims by distributors and several lawsuits over the years.
4.The Joining fees or start-up costs are very reasonable is $45.Young Living is an MLM Company, Distributors are highly encouraged to hire a new member and to make a downline.


To Sum up, Young Living is one of the good United States Based MLM companies that sells Essential oil which, they claim, works like Medicine in the human body. I hope you have found complete information about the profile of Young Living Company and Young Living business plan in this in-depth written article.

Joining Young Living Company as a Direct Selle depends on you, I am not your advisor. Although there are several things you need to check before joining a network marketing company.

Now, I want to ask you:

Are you already a direct seller of Young Living?

Did you ever use any Products of the Young Living company?

Let me know in the comments now.

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