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Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is one of the popular and best Direct Selling companies on the list of  457 Legal Network Marketing companies of India.

This company started in 2013 and with little time, it is Competing with other best Direct Selling companies of India.

mi lifestyle marketing plan PDF DOWNLOAD

I will show the Business Plan of Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited with the help of the PDF Download button, in this Post.

But, I recommend before downloading and moving to the Mi Lifestyle Marketing Plan, I will show you the basic information about this company.

Company NameMi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
LLPIN/CIN NoU74999TN2013PTC090049
Established Date2013
DirectorPravin J. Chandan
ProductsHealth Wellness Care, Home Care, Personal Care, Agriculture
Head Office25/35, 3rd floor, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi -110008
Email idinfo@lifestylemarketing.co.in

So let’s get started…

What is Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd?

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd is Product based Indian Multi-level Marketing or Direct Selling Company that started on 13 August 2013. The registered address of this company is Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Vitatobha Suresh and Mohammed Omar Arshak Jawhar are the directors of this company.

Also, Mi Lifestyle is a member of FDSA, a non-government Organization (Federation of Direct Selling Association).

Know More:

How to join Mi Lifestyle?

You can Join Mi Lifestyle in 2 ways;

  • By Visiting Official Website Online
  • By the meeting with Mi Lifestyle Business Associate

To join and work with Mi Lifestyle company, as a Direct Seller, you must visit their official website and fill out the “Distributor Application Form“.

To fill out this form, you require the ID and name of a sponsor along with your complete information, including the bank account and the nominee’s information.

To fill Mi Lifestyle Joining form, you need these documents and Information:

  • Sponsor ID
  • Name of the Sponsor along with Complete Information
  • Your Bank Information
  • Nominee Information
  • Your Adhaar Card
  • PAN Card

It is mandatory, that you have PAN Card and your age is at least 18 years plus. Then you can join Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited. Also, you can get the help of an associate of Mi Lifestyle.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Plan

If I discuss the working process of Mi Lifestyle, after joining, the direct seller has to perform two major tasks. The total revenue of each direct seller depends on these two big works.

  • Recruiting
  • Product Selling

1. Recruitment

If you think, you only sell Products and would make a Millionaire in 5 Years, it is not possible. Not only do buying and selling products make your Downline Active. You have to also create an active downline.

This means that a new director seller needs to be added to the direct seller’s downline to earn passive income. When a person makes a purchase of any type of product, expensive or Cheap from the downline, the upline member also receives a portion of the commission.

2. Products Selling

When a person joins MI Lifestyle as a direct seller, he has to buy the company’s products and sell them further. For each continuous sale, the direct seller earns a certain amount of retail profit.

For Example, The MRP Price of Product, A is 150 Rupees but you can buy this product for 130 Rupees. Now, if you sell this Product for 150 rupees as per the selling Rules. Your Profit will be 20 rupees.

 The following formula can calculate retail profit.

Retail Profit = Product MRP – Product Price for Distributor.

Mi Lifestyle Incomes

According to the Mi Lifestyle Compensation Plan, there are 9 ways to income;

Sl. No.Income
1.Retail profit
2.Sales Turnover Bonus
3.Rank Income
4.Performance Bonus
5.Loyalty Bonus
6.Star Performance Bonus
7.NTC Bonus
8.Royalty income
9.Rewards and awards

Mi Lifestyle Products

The MI Lifestyle Product Price List includes,

  • Home Care
  • Agriculture
  • Health Care
  • Personal Care

This allows the seller to get a regular customer base.

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Mi Lifestyle Business Plan PDF Download

If you want to join this company, you need to see their Business Plan and Portfolio. So, here is the bottom Mi Lifestyle Marketing Plan PPT Download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Vision Of Mi Lifestyle?

    “Empowering People to Improve their Lifestyle by helping them to achieve their Ambitions in Life in Style.”

  2. What Is The Mission Of Mi Lifestyle?​

    “To modernize over time, their direct sales shopping models pave the smooth path to success for their distributors. The goal of Mi Lifestyle Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is to provide products and services that are highly suitable compared to quality barometers and are economical towards the cost.”

  3. Who is the Founder of Mi Lifestyle Global Private Limited?

    Pravin J. Chandan

  4. What is the type of Product of Mi Lifestyle?

    There are 4 categories of Products of Mi Lifestyle Global Private Limited.
    1. Agriculture
    2. HealthCare
    3. Personal Care
    4. Home Care

  5. Is Mi lifestyle legal?

    Yes, Legal. Mi Lifestyle is registered in the Government Direct Selling Company List which proved Mi Lifestyle is Fully Legal in India. Also, it is certified by FDSA (Federation of Direct Selling Association).

Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed our article on Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. Business Plan PDF. Also, you got the Mi Lifestyle business plan pdf download.

Now, I’d like to know you:

What is the main reason, you need to join this company?

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